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Pro Crane Rentals, Inc.

Edward Protesto
Fax: 610-494-2234
Penn Ave, Marcus Hook, PA 19061, USA

Pro Crane Rentals, Inc.

Pro Crane Rentals, Inc. has been serving the Lifting, Hoisting & Storage needs of Delaware & Chester Counties since 1947. In the past six decades, we have shown continuous and steady growth, while the original emphasis on dependable quality and personalized service remains unaltered.

Now Pro Crane Rental Offers Equipment Rentals to Further Accommodate our Customers' Needs.


Pro Crane Rentals is very proud of our excellent safety record, and we are only going to get better. Our operators are Nationally Certified, and our in-house safety program is starting; which our customers are more than welcome (and recommended to attend).


Innovation is another asset that Pro Crane Rentals, Inc. relies upon to set up apart from our competition. We have developed the first OSHA, ANSI & ASME-compliant quick-release truss hook to accommodate our customers' need for setting trusses. We also do rigging work for such high-end customers.