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  • Larry Unverfehrt, Unverfehrt Farm Supply, Inc

    After seeing the success by listing on Crane Network, I will definitely use your company again. I sent my information on crane along with pictures to Olga, and was able to put together the ad. She included extra information on my company that had not even sent and made a very impressive profile of my company. I feel this helped, as interested individuals where able to see what type of work this crane was used for, and showed the condition of my crane. Olga recommended a couple of options on listing and am very glad I listened to her recommendations. I received 5 calls in first two weeks, had 3 looks at my crane, and was able to get my advertised price. Very easy process!!! Extra received selling myself allowed me to purchase additional tractor and trailer for the extra counterweights on new crane that I purchased, replacing one I sold.

  • James Celio, Select Dismantling Corp

    This email is to tell you how much of a pleasure it was to place a crane ad on your site. Olga went out of her way to help, she worked with me on the weekend when I had time and did a great job of the it, no one could have been more helpful to a person like myself who is not very computer literate. And unlike most sites that disappear after they get their payment, she even called my office to see if I got a response. Although my crane has been listed only a short time, I am sure it will sell. Hats off to your site and staff !!!!

  • Luke Lonergan, Empire Crane

    Hard to believe it has been 15 years when my brother and I started Empire Crane in 2002 we didn't have two pennies to rub together. There was many ways to try and market cranes - get in our car, stand at the fax machine, send a letter by mail, put an ad in a publication. Then one day we received a call from a company named Crane Network - from memory they were a new company as well. During that conversation they educated me and sold me on the new concept of internet marketing. I think my first question was what was the internet (coming off a farm where we didn't even have a computer).

    Speed it up 15 years later we realized the world was at our finger tips with the relationship we have with Crane Network. Over 1,000 crane sales later with dozens and dozens of marketing firms in the crane industry my first answer when anyone asks who is the best I always say call Clint at Crane Network.

    With my internal marketing department headed by Shelly Korb-Gayring and the people at Crane Network Empire Crane is able to market 100's of new and used cranes worldwide. I've said many times I would pay a million dollars for the database Crane Network has and is able to reach in the click of a button - the current and potential customers they can reach is limitless.

    I participate with many different marketing firms in the crane industry. I receive many bills and it is hard to judge the results. I think sometimes I should market through Crane Network only. They offer tracking reports that help me zero in on the sale.

    Hopefully Crane Network will help me sell the next 1000 cranes I'm anticipating over the next 15 years and look forward to strengthening the relationship with Crane Network in years to come.

  • Will Gussie, Crane Sales Manager - Big D Heavy Equipment

    Crane Network has been very crucial with our company's sales of cranes and heavy equipment. As a used heavy equipment dealer, Crane Network has increased our exposure to clients throughout the world with the equipment we have available for sale. Not only is the website easy to use, but the support staff is available almost immediately to assist with any questions or help that you need. Clint Wood and Kristina Kovic have been extremely helpful and easy to work with on any requests that we have had for advertising. As for the sales of the equipment, I believe that if our company would not have started listing equipment for sale on the website, we would not be where we are today. We have increased our sales of cranes to companies worldwide by triple and it looks like it will continue to rise. We believe that if you are looking for a way to increase exposure and sales, have the support staff you want, and have an easy to use tool, then Crane Network should be only option for you.

  • Katy McDaniel, Dozier Crane & Machinery, Inc.

    Dozier Crane has been utilizing Crane Network for over a decade, both to advertise our cranes and search for new additions to our fleet. Crane Network has been an excellent tool to generate new sales leads and connect with new customers. Whenever we use the email blast function on Crane Network, we always get several responses. The technical support / customer service team at Crane Network is excellent; they respond quickly to any request, and are always professional and polite. I would recommend Crane Network to anyone who has a crane to sell, or is looking to purchase a crane.

  • Gene Landres, QUALITY CRANES & Equipment, LLC

    We have been with Crane network since 1998-one of the first dealers to join. The customer service and tech support from Renee, Clint and Kristina is outstanding. Over the years the site has grown and evolved as the market leader. Crane Network is our number one resources for buying and selling cranes.