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Schaften Cranes B.V

Martijn Tuijtel
0031 (0)10 238 07 00
Alt Phone: 0031 (0) 6 1257 3276
Eemhavenweg 40, 3089 KG Rotterdam, Nederland

Schaften Cranes B.V

Schaften Cranes B.V. is a subsidiary of Van Schaften Trucks B.V, which was established in 1977. Schaften Cranes B.V. is a completely independent organisation that offers the Bare rental of cranes.

We have a stock of over 1.100 vehicles in different versions. Our professional team of 20 coworkers are ready to help you to find the perfect crane.

The right crane for your needs

If we do not have the crane you require, our extensive global network always provides a solution by sourcing the crane you require.