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We have 4 options to have your crane working quickly and safely again:

  1. You send us the EKS unit ( via courier/secure delivery, preferably insured ). We will repair the unit for you within seven working days and send it back to you.
  2. We can immediately send you a refurbished unit - if is available from stock - you can install it as get back to work with the crane. You can decide whether to send your old EKS back to us or not. If you do we will inspect it and refund you the value of the old unit.
  3. We can send you a brand new unit, if they are still available and in stock, you can then choose whether to send the old EKS back to us or not, if you do we will inspect it and refund you the value of the old unit
  4. We can also offer you new or used E-proms (programmed) for all models of Krupp and Grove cranes

EKS 83 unit is installed in: KRUPP MODELS

12 GMT/1, GMT-AT 25, GMT-AT 35, GMT-AT 60, GMT-AT 70, GMT-AT 140, GMT 100, GMT 160, GMT 180, GMT 250, GMT 350, GMT 500

KMK 2020,  KMK 2025,  KMK 2035,  KMK 3035,  KMK 3040,  KMK 3045,  KMK 3050,  KMK 4050,  KMK 4055,  KMK 4060,  KMK 4070,  KMK 4080,  KMK 5090,  KMK 5100,  KMK 5110,  KMK 5110-1

KMK 5120,  KMK 5140,  KMK 5150,  KMK 5160,  KMK 5180,  KMK 6140,  KMK 6160,  KMK 6180,  KMK 6190,  KMK 6200,  KMK 6275,  KMK 7250,  KMK 7300,  KMK 8350,  KMK 8500,  KMK 11000


Also installed in GROVE GMK MODELS

GMK 3050, GMK 4070, GMK 4080, GMK 5130, GMK 5160, GMK 6200

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