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Arlington, Washington, USA
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Seattle Tower Crane
Gaytor Rasmussen - President
13420 33rd Ave SE, Mill Creek, WA 98012, USA
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We bought this tower crane in 2016. It has served us well and without fail. with the 1.2 emter or 3'-9" towers, you can place this crane anywhere on a wood frame apartment project. We commonly place them in the elevator shafts on zero lot line jobs. They can reach out to 180' which is great for just about any job. I prefer to keep the reaches to 145' where you have 4300 lbs of capacity at the tip, or a bunk of plywood. The crane has a remote and a zoning system that would come with it. We can configure it with more tower. We have transition towers and K towers that can get you into 10 stories or more. So if you need more height, we can help out with that. We also have anchors for both types and could supply one of those with the crane. Additionally, we do have a cross base system that could be included as well. it accepts the transition towers, or the smaller E type towers. What's really nice about these cranes is that you only need to paint the counter jib, the turntable, and the cabin. In a couple of days you can freshen up the paint and you don't need a team and 3 weeks to get the crane shined up for the job. 


The Saez TL tower cranes can be erected with a crew of 3. We typically erect one of these cranes in 4.5 hours. We have managed reeve and load test the crane all in one 8 hour day in the past. We'd be happy to share notes and tricks to make this possible for your team as well. We also have a TL50 which is a bit smaller and competes really well with the self erecting tower cranes. If you have a job with 100' of tower, you can look to erect it with a 60 or 70 ton mobile crane and make it really competitive. 

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