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Sacramento, California, USA
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Coastline Equipment Crane Division
Neil Goodale - Division Manager
562-673-4049 (alt)
95814 95811Bldg. A 325 N. 5th Street Sacramento California United States
Seller Notes:
Crane Standard features:

Tadano electronic Load Moment Indicator system (AML-E) including:

• Control lever lockout function with audible and visual pre-warning
• Number of pars of line
• Boom position indicator
• Outrigger state indicator
• Slewing angle
• Boom angle /boom length/ jib offset angle/ jib length/ load radius/ rated lifting capacities/ actual loads read out
• Potential lifting height
• Ratio of actual load moment to rated load moment indication
• Permissible load
• Automatic Speed Reduction and Slow Stop function on boom elevation and slewing
• Working condition register switch
• Load radius/boom angle/tip height/ slewing range preset function
• External warning lamp
• Tare function
• Main Hydraulic oil pressure
• Fuel consumption monitor
• Drum rotation indicator (audible and visible type)
• On rubber indicator
• Flood lamp switch
• Hydraulic oil temperature

Boom - 6 section full power partially synchronized telescoping boom of rectangular box construction with 3 sheaves at boom head.
Boom Elevation - Combination controls for hand or foot operation, Boom angle 9˚– 82,
Jib - 2 stage extension type, offset angle (5º-60º) by tilt cylinder. Single sheave at jib head. Length 11.8’, 18’ offset 5°-60° root diameter 10-1/2”
Anti-Two Block Device with audio/visual warning system
Slewing – Hydraulic axial piston motor driven through planetary slewing speed reducer. Continuous 360° full circle slewing on ball bearing.
Winch – Equipped with automatic brake (neutral brake) and counterbalance valve. Equipped with drum rotation indicator
Wire Rope – 9/16” spin-resistant wire rope IWRC 6 x WS
Hook Blocks –
• 15 ton 2 sheaves with swivel hook and safety latch
• 3.5 ton weighted hook with swivel and safety latch
Hydraulic System Pumps – 2 variable piston pumps for crane functions. Tandem gear pump for steering, slewing and optional equipment.
Control Valves – Electrically controlled multiple valves actuated by pilot pressure with integral pressure relief valves
Reservoir – 44.6 gallon capacity. External sight level gauge
Oil Cooler – air cooled fan type

Carrier Standard Features:

• Telematics (machine data logging and monitoring system)
• Eco Mode System
• Positive Control
• Emergency Steering system
• Transmission neutral position engine start
• Over shift prevention
• Parking Brake travel warning
• Tilt-telescope steering wheel
• LED head lamp
• Fenders
• Air Dryer
• Water Separator with filter (high filtration)
• Air cleaner dust indicator
• Full instrumentation package
• Towing Hooks – Front and rear
• External warning lamp
• Tire inflation kit
• Tool Storage compartment
• Rear view camera
• Left-front camera
• Multi-function display

Type – Rear engine, right-hand drive, driving axle 2-way selected type by manual switch, 4x2 front drive, 4x4 front and rear drive.
Engine – Hino JO5EVA-TDFC (Tier 4)
Fuel Tank - 50 gallon, right side of carrier
Transmission – Electronically controlled fully automatic transmission. Torque converter driving full power shift with driving axle selector. 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds, constant mesh.
Axle – Both Front and Rear: Full floating type, steering and driving axle with planetary reduction.
Tires – 315/80R22.5 (OR) Air pressure: 850kPa
Outriggers – 4 hydraulic, beam and jack outriggers

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