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New Manitex 26101C mounted to 2018 Freightliner 108SD chassis

Last Updated: 11 Sep 2017
  • Price:
  • Please call 1-866-458-5915 or email the seller for current pricing.
  • Year: 2017
  • Capacity: 26.00
  • Boom/Jib: 101'
  • Location: Texas, United States
  • Hours: Inquire
  • Condition: New
  • Serial #: 249735
  • Unit #: NT-1139
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26 ton (23 mton) capacity

4-section, 101' (30,8 m) proportional boom

112' 2" (34,2 m) maximum main boom tip height

141'4" (43,1 m) maximum tip height

1-section jib

2-speed planetary hoist with grooved drum and negative draft flange

Load moment indicator with digital display and overload shutdown

Removable boom rest

21' 6" (6,6 m) A-frame outriggers

System pressure gauge

Rugged, weatherproof, automotive style electrical system

Manitex UPTime Comprehensive Support



Inverted T-cross section, 4-section telescoping type, extended and retracted proportionally by double-acting hydraulic cylinder and cable-crowd system. 4-section

29' 5.25" (9,0 m) to 101' 5.25" (30,9 m). Maximum main boom tip height 112' 2" (34,2 m). 1-section, 29' (8,8 m) jib. Maximum tip height 141' 4" (43,1 m).

Boom Points – Three high-density nylon sheaves mounted on heavy-duty roller bearings. Two removable pin-type rope guards. Quick-reeve boom point on 101' boom.

Boom Elevation – Double-acting hydraulic cylinder. Working range from 9.5° below horizontal to 80.5° above.

Load Hook – 5-ton capacity hook with heavy-duty swivel and weight is provided for single-line operation.


Maximum theoretical line speed 247 fpm (75,3 mpm). Maximum theoretical bottom-layer line pull 12,000 lbs (5 443 kg). Two-speed planetary reducer. Spring-applied, pressure-released internal brake. Wet multi-disc internal brake is spring-applied, pressure-released.

Wire Rope – 300 feet (91,4 m) of 9/16" (14,3 mm) diameter 6 x 25 EIPS IWRC.


Externally mounted, double-reduction planetary driven by hydraulic motor. Maximum theoretical swing speed 1.5 rpm. Wet multi-disc internal brake is spring applied, pressure released. Oversized diameter ball bearing swing circle with external gear. 372° non-continuous rotation.


21' 6" (6,6 m) Extended A-frame link type. Operated independently for precise leveling. Equipped with double-acting hydraulic cylinders.


Pedestal and subframe are mounted to chassis by threaded rods and clamp plates. No welding, drilling or bolting to truck frame is required.

A-Frame Stabilizers – 8' (2,4 m) retracted; 10' (3,1 m) extended. Operated independently for precise leveling. Double-acting hydraulic cylinders. Fixed pad size is 8" (203,2 mm) x 11.375" (288,9 mm).

Subframe – Torsionally resistant, rigid 4-plate design, mounted under crane full length of truck frame.

Rear Underride Protection – Supplied on factory-mounted cranes. Fabricated structure mounted under rear of bed. Complies with Bureau Motor Carrier Safety Standard 393.86.

Boom Rest – Heavy-duty, fabrication. Easily removed to simplify loading and unloading truck deck.


Dual operator platforms are equipped with four single-lever crane controls arranged to ANSI B30.5 standards. Fully proportional control valves and system pressure gauge. Each station also includes outrigger and stabilizer controls, engine start/stop, foot throttle, signal horn, boom-angle indicator, bubble levels, load charts, range diagram and audio and/or visual indicators to warn operator of overload condition.


Hydraulic System – A 3-section vane pump direct-mounted to power take-off on truck transmissions provides 35 gpm (133 lpm) to the hoist, 8 gpm (30 lpm) to the swing circuit and 18 gpm (68 lpm) to the remaining crane functions. A 70-gallon (265-liter) baffled reservoir includes a 25-micron return line filter and magnetic plug. A single gate valve on the suction line from the tank to pump. Extensive use of SAE O-ring face seal hydraulic fittings where possible.

Hydraulic Cylinders – All load-holding cylinders are equipped with integral holding valves.


Load Moment Indicator – Senses boom hoist cylinder pressure, boom length and boom angle. Audio-visual warning indicates overload conditions and overload shutoff feature prevents continuing overload. Operator can access all relative crane configuration and load conditions via display at the operator station.

Anti-Two-Block System – Audible warning and shutoff functions prevent hook from contacting boom point.

Back-Up Alarm – Supplied on factory-mounted cranes, electronic audible motion alarm activated when truck transmission is in reverse gear.


Electrical – State-of-the-art, weather-resistant components throughout. Automotive style electrical system for easy installation. Designed to withstand high pressure washing and varying climates.

Design/Welding – Design conforms to ANSI B30.5. Welding conforms to AWS D1.1. Tested to SAE 1063 and SAE 765.

Manuals – Operator, service and parts manuals depict correct crane operation, maintenance procedures and parts listing.

Warranty – 12-month warranty covers parts and labor resulting from defects in material and workmanship.


Ref no: BM-2161, PO38636

Email Seller
Phone: 1-866-458-5915
Fax: 713-491-9359

Address: 7795 Little York Road, Houston, TX 77016, USA

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