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Houston, Texas, USA
Seller Contact:
Mark Lomas - Crane Specialist
949-981-1226 (alt)
Irvine, CA, United States
Seller Notes:
  • 39.4' - 194.9' Single Cylinder HA-60 Boom, automatic telescoping; Attachments for all equipment and extensions; 5 sheaves integrated in boom head for max. capacity of 145,200 lb
  • HA-HY 27m variable extension
  • 32.8' Swing Away Jib (20°,40°)
  • 2 Winches with 19mm Wire Rope
  • EN13000 Load Moment Indicator
  • Working Range Limiter
  • Control System - Enabling four simultanious working movements; electricpilot controls via 2 two-axis joysticks
  • 650kg Hook Block with Ramshorn Hook
  • 350kg Hook Block
  • 170kg Hook Block with single hood and verticle swivel
  • Tilt Operators Cab (20°)
  • Xenon Work Floodlight
  • H2X-2. Hoist; Spring-loaded multi-disc brake; Resover (hoist rotation indicator); Incl. quick couplings and transport frame; Self-rigging
  • MTU Diesel Engine (UP) Type OM 6R1300, 462 HP (TIER 4)
  • MTU Diesel Engine (DOWN) Type OM 4R1000, EPA (TIER 4F) and CARB Regulations
  • 8 x 8 x 8; All Four axles steered and permanently driven and equipped with selectable transverse lock.
  • ZF AS-Tronic; Automated gearbox with integrated hydraulic retarder, 12 forward speeds and 2 reverse; 2-stagetransfer case with switchable off-road gear and switchable longitudinal lock.
  • A/C In Upper and Lower Cab
  • Hydropneumatic suspension with axle load compensation, Hydraulically lockable, Manual or Autoatic leveling alternatively
  • Counterweight NEG 21T- seven pieces; Version for countries with special road regulations; Enables self-down rigging to a total vehicle weight of less than 40 Tons and axle loads of under 12 Tons; Automatic rigging systems, explandable to max. 25,2t counterweight.
  • Additional Counterweight 5,0t, two pieces; for max. 25,2t counterweight with seven pieces.
  • Tires: 385/95 (14.00R25), 385/95R25 (1400.00R25)

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