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Massachusetts, USA
Seller Contact:
Empire Crane Co., LLC
Luke Lonergan - Vice President
315-458-4101 (alt)
315-458-3169 (fax)
7021 Performance Drive, Syracuse, NY 13212, USA
Seller Notes:
2019 DEMAG AC100-4L with 2 year warranty IN STOCK

Main boom – 39.4’-194.9’ Single cylinder telescoping system, automatic telescoping; 4 sheaves integrated in boom head for max capacity of 114,900 lb
26’ Variable Extension plus 32.8’-62.3’ double folding swing-away jib, hydraulic, stepless offset 0º-40º; 1-sheave head; Incl. transport storage for a total of 88.6’
Swing away Rooster Sheave for single-reeving operation with elevated hook height
20.50R25 (525/80R25) Wheels; Steel rim 17-25/1.7” – Michelin X-crane 176F; Include carrier broadening to 2.75m instead of serial wheels
80-5-18-E Hook Block with Single Hook
50-3-18-E Hook Block, with Ramshorn hook
20-1-18 E Single hook block
Heavy Lift Attachment – 2 Additional sheaves, disconnectable for total of 7 sheaves at boom head
8x6x8 – All 4 axles steered, axles 1,3 and 4 driven with selectable transverse lock
Central Lubrication - Central auto lube for all lubrication points at carrier and superstructure
Air-conditioning & Heat
H2 hoist; Spring-loaded multi-disc brake; resolver (hoist rotation indicator); Incl. quick couplings and transport frame; Self-rigging
Rope Twist prevention for rope diameter d=18mm on hoists 1 and 2
Display screens and cameras for safe manuevering
Dolly Prep: 4-point support brackets enable individual positioning of a dolly; Incl. freewheel for slewing gear unit and luffing cylinder, quick couplings for brake air & electrics; Dolly and dolly adapter are not included
Additional Counterweight: 11,500 lb, 2 pieces for max 54,000 lbs, 7 pieces
IC-1 Plus (Asymmetric Outrigger Positioning) - Calculation of lifting capacity subject to outrigger base and slewing angle of superstructure; Incl. Automatic counterweight detection and Outrigger load indicator; I. A. makes it possible to work with asymmetrically extended outriggers. Note: for HA operation only
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