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Trends Handling Company

Trends Handling Company is one of the leading online earthmoving & heavy equipment marketplaces in the USA. Our photo-classified database contains listings for earthmovers, excavators, and building & construction equipment. There are also industrial surplus and salvage spare parts. All product are surplus from our construction divisions.


We provide breakdown of heavy equipment service. We have for the past 3 years been dismantling and containerizing of cranes and other heavy machinery and shipping to countries like Vietnam, Ghana, Sudan, UAE, Nigeria, Pakistan, India, Europe etc.


Contact us if you have any cranes or equipments that needs to be shipped or dismantled and shipped outside the country, we are a one stop solution to all of your shipping needs and our prices are affordable. We also provide shipping domestic shipping to the 50 states and use one of the most reliable carriers to handle your shipping needs. We keep you up to date with real time information on where your shipment is and what time it will arrive.


Trends Handling was formed based on experience working with caterpillar, Yale and Hyster. Trends Handling and DT&H LLC decided to go into heavy equipment industry after seeing customers being ripped off and treated unfairly. We understands what it takes to invest in heavy equipment ; that is why purchasing from Trends handling / DT&H LLC will be the best decision ever made. All equipments are carefully inspected and tested before being put on the market. The reports on each equipments are actually less rated than the equipment actually is; so that a customer will buy a machinery to realized that such machinery is better than actually described or rated. We prefer to rate the machine as better though it qualifies to be best in its class, in that case the customer walks away feeling happier.


We specialize in surplus construction equipments including dump trucks and oil field equipments. You are guaranteed of the best price because you will be buying directly from the source.


OUR SUCCESS: Trends Handlings is part of DT&H LLC and Trends machinery which has received no fewer than 3 independent quarterly awards from the internet monitoring service. We are Arkansas Better Business Bureau accredited and have had an outstanding feedback rating from our sales on eBay. BBB accreditations are based on visitor traffic figures which they compile independently and which have become recognized as the industry standard measurement for physical location deals and online usage.


OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU: Your comments and feedback are important to the ongoing development and successful operation of Trendshandling. We wish you the best of Luck in your quest for better machinery. Trends Handling.....Your ultimate Choice!!!!!