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Guay Inc.

Guay Inc. specializes in operated and non-operated crane rental, handling and transportation, and has the largest fleet of cranes in Canada. This consists of more than 550 mobile cranes, crawler cranes or tower cranes, as well as trucks, flatbeds and trailers. It is one of the largest companies in North America.

Guay Inc. has also acquired the LARGEST ALL-TERRAIN HYDRAULIC CRANE IN THE WORLD, which has a 1500-ton capacity, and has many other high-capacity cranes, such as 600 and 650-ton all-terrain cranes as well as 700-ton crawler cranes (see photos and video below). Guay is the only company in Quebec to have cranes this big. These cranes are used to lift enormous parts in complex conditions. Guay has 24 locations throughout Quebec, including a fleet of 160 cranes in greater Montréal as well as a fleet of 25 tower cranes; it employs more than 500 people, including a team of nearly 100 professionals and administrative employees (engineers, technicians, representatives, dispatchers, buyers and administrative personnel), a qualified workforce of more than 350 crane operators and more than 80 truck drivers, mechanics and labourers in every category.

We would be proud to bring our skills and experience to help you complete your lifting, transportation and handling projects. Whether it’s to do work at extreme heights or other dangerous kinds of work, Guay Inc. can help you complete your most ambitious projects.