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(4) Nylon…
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Wisconsin, USA
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Giuffre Bros. Cranes, Inc.
Daniel Llyrenmann
877-321-3710 - Parts Department (alt)
414-764-8180 (fax)
6635 South 13th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53221, USA
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24x24x1 Ultra High Impact Plastic Outrigger Pads w/ integrated rope handle (Set of 4)

Add a 5th pad for $125

This set of four of our best selling 24x24x1 outrigger pads are made of a unique material called UHMW (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) which allows the user a light-weight, impact resistant, waterproof material to set their outriggers atop of. The advantage of UHMW pads are that they are much lighter, won't absorb water/mud, and can effectively last forever when used properly. UHMW outrigger pads are a great, economical way to distribute the weight of your crane and load more evenly over the ground. The #1 cause of crane related tip overs is ground movement. When the ground shifts or sinks, the outrigger you're lifting over becomes effectively useless and the crane can shift and ultimately tip over. The integrated rope handles make setup and transport simple and quick. No Boom Truck or Crane should be without a good set of outrigger pads. *Ground studies should be performed prior to any crane use. Pads are not insulated (see safety information)

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