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Raptor Tech Crawler Crane Mats Outrigger Mats Pads and Cribbing Crane Part for Sale in Downers Grove Illinois on
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Please call 630-725-9373 or
email the seller for current pricing
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Downers Grove, Illinois, USA
Seller Contact:
Paul Perkins
855-725-9373 (alt)
5411 Walnut Avenue, Downers Grove, IL 60515, United States
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Standard Sizes/Dimensions:

  • Please contact us for mat sizes and pricing
  • All steel is High Grade, 100% USA melt and manufactured in the USA
  • ISO container lifting points top and bottom
  • Finish is industrial enamel paint
  • Mats are load tested and certified
  • RAPTOR TECH mats are serial number stamped for identification and come with full documentation

Working with RAPTOR TECH:

Our design and engineering teams will work with you directly as desired to provide mats that exceed your specific needs and use case. Additionally, we work directly with the relevant crane manufacturer so that the mats are a perfect match to your equipment. Once the mats are manufactured to suit your needs we will provide ongoing technical support as needed. When shipped, your RAPTOR TECH Mats will come with complete supporting documents and engineer packet for use with the specific make, model and serial number of your crane.

Use in the Field:

The ISO container lifting points allow for great versatility in transportation, set up and general use. Shipping is made universally simple through use of Truck, Rail or Ship. RAPTOR TECH Mats can be stacked and locked for ease of transportation with any readily available container chassis. 8' wide mats provide the fastest set up in the field and the least amount of labor. Set up is at least twice as fast as timber mats which are typically 4' wide.

Absolutely The Best Crawler Mats In The World!

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