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Trimble Anti Two Block Replacement System LMI Anti Two Block Systems Crane Part for Sale on
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A2B Retrofit
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BTS Crane Parts
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4737 N Ocean Dr, Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL 33308, USA
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ON SALE - Click Here for Pricing, Brochures, and Specifications 


A complete stand alone A2B system for retrofit or replacement of an aging crane anti two block safety system.  A good replacement for the obsolete PAT PRS40 or PRS80 systems.  This system includes the Trimble GS375 A2B Display, the corresponding Trimble GS075B A2B Switch, and all necessary mounting hardware.  Customers will need to reuse a current weight and chain.


Brochure for the GS375 CLICK HERE


Brochure for the GS075B CLICK HERE




The LSI Trimble GS075 Anti Two Block Switch gives the operator peace of mind by sending an immediate alarm if the hook block comes too close to the boom tip preventing costly and potentially dangerous boom tip or hook block damage.  Because it is wireless the installation is extremely simple and can generally be completed in one hour.  Potted electronics increase the waterproofing and with a 4,000 foot range you never have to worry about connectivity.

The LSI Trimble GS 375 is a Rugged and compact, waterproof anti two block display, suited for heavy construction machinery.  Provide lockout signal to pre installed lockout solenoid valves for a highly failsafe lifting environment.  Hassle free wireless connection between switch and anti two block display.  Audible and visual alarms provide the ability to monitor two switches at the same time.  The display can also provide a lockout signal to pre-installed lockout solenoid valves.  Designed to be used in conjunction with the wireless anti two block switch.  


Basic Elements of a Crane Replacement Anti Two Block System



Display or Receiver Unit - is mounted in the cab or by the operator controls and is designed to monitor the radio signal for the boom tip located anti two block switch. Generally this display is also able to generate an electrical signal output used to activate pre installed lockout function. The display/receiver comes standard for 12V or 24V negative body machines. For machines requiring non-standard electrical systems, adapting relays or different installation procedures might be needed as further detailed.

Radio Anti Two Block Switch - to be installed at the tip of the boom and/or jib. This switch actually detects the two block condition via use of a weight and chain and relay switch and instantaneous transmits this information to the control mounted display.

Weight & Chain - this is the part of the system that hangs down along the load line and holds the anti two block switching mechanism under pressure. If the hook block moves too close and lifts this weight the switching mechanism in the A2B switch is triggered.  Please note that you will need to reuse an old weight and chain or order a new one separately.  

A retrofit anti two block system is included.  

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