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Hirschmann PAT PAT DS350 Boom Truck LMI Replacement LMI Anti Two Block Systems Crane Part for Sale on
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BTS Crane Parts
Parts Team
4737 N Ocean Dr, Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL 33308, USA
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BTS is a leading provider of replacement systems for older PAT DS350s on boom truck cranes.   A new computer system for a truck crane will consist of a display/console, a computer, anti two block switch at the boom tip, a load cell at the dead end, and a length/angle cable reel.  Additionally load charts data is programmed into the computer for a crane specific overload protection system.  


LMI Replacement System Includes

  • Display / Operator Console
  • Computer with Load Chart Programming 
  • Anti Two Block with Lockout Capabilities 
  • 12K Load Cell Mounted at the Dead End
  • Length Angle Cable Reel 
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Installation & Operators Manuals 

Installation & Operators Manual

for New Crane Warning System



RCI vs LMI Truck Crane Warning System

Load Moment Indicator - LMI
For boom truck cranes, the LMI reads its load value using a pair of pressure transducers, which read the cylinder pressures of the lift cylinders. An advantage of an LMI is the weight of the boom is calculated as a part of the load calculation. In doing so, the system will calculate the effects of elements such as wind and ice on available lifting capacity. The system has a digital version of the load chart programmed into it.

The down side to an LMI is that on calibration the system is calibrated using the empty boom weight of all boom configuration and loaded boom weight for all boom configurations. This can be costlier when repairs or system replacement is required. The cable reel monitors the boom length, and typically there is an angle sensor integrated into the cable reel. Length X Angle = Radius. So, the cable reel serves as the tool to calculate radius.

Rated Capacity Indicator - RCI
On a Rated Capacity Indicator, the load weight value is calculated by reading the strain on the wire rope. This is done by using a dead-end load cell installed at the becket end. 

Calibration is simpler on an RCI as it removes the step of empty/loaded boom weight calibration for all boom configurations, as seen in an LMI. Calibration is done to train the load sensing device as to the strain on the wire rope. A cable reel with angle sensor is used as it is on the LMI to calculate radius.  



Truck Crane LMI Replacement Components


Display / Operator Console

12,000 LB Load Cell 

Length Angle Cable Reel

Anti Two Block Switch 


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