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Dumpable Refuse Container with Hydraulic bottom doors


The Humpty Dumper™ from Giuffre Bros. Is a unique way to remove waste with a crane or boom truck. Waste removal on re-roof jobs is no longer a time consuming and costly problem with Giuffre's Exclusive roof-top Humpty Dumper™ rubbish boxes. Our Hydraulic Humpty Dumper™ is placed exactly where it is needed on the roof, Tear-off and job waste can be easily by loaded into the Humpty Dumper™ while work is in progress. It is then lowered to a waiting dump truck or dumpster, emptied, and raised back into work position. The bottom doors of our Humpty Dumper™ consists of two hinged doors that can be opened and closed by the crane operator using your cranes hydraulic system. * Capacity is based on Wire Rope Bridal Capacity

  • Condition: New
  • Part #: Humpty Dumper
  • Location: Milwaukee Wisconsin USA

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