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CraneWorks, Inc.

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Freightliner 114SD

Freightliner’s 114SD was built for severe duty: packed with power and ready for work. The 114SD has optimized mid-chassis packaging and a strategically-mounted aftertreatment system. The chassis layout simplifies upfitting for truck equipment manufacturers. And Freightliner’s proprietary SmartPlexTM Electrical System provides unmatched flexibility when configuring a truck to suit specific body installations. The 114SD also offers an incredible combination of durability and comfort. It’s been through rigorous testing to ensure that it delivers performance and reliability in the most demanding situations. And the automotive-style interior is designed to keep operators safe and productive. Put simply, the 114SD sets the new standard for engineered performance and efficiency.

Freightliner applied sophisticated engineering to the structural elements of its work trucks. First, their cabs are lightweight, yet extremely tough. Corrosion-resistant aluminum is reinforced with e-coated steel and assembled to precise manufacturing tolerances with Henrob rivets and welded construction. This process produces a durable and safe cab that meets stringent A-pillar impact, rollover and back wall impact tests. Plus, the chassis includes a robust backbone with a complete o ering of single and double channel frame rails. The result is a tensile strength of up to 120,000 psi and an RBM ratio up to 4.4 million inch- pounds per rail. This means the 114SD can handle whatever job is thrown at it, day after day, year after year.

• Corrugated floor, roof and back-of-cab panels for added strength

• Meets Swedish A-pillar test standards and SAE J2422 roof strength requirements

• 2,500 square-inch one-piece windshield for outstanding job site visibility

• Wide door openings with low step-in height for safe entry and exit

• Steel firewall for solid mounting of dash panel and driver controls


• 114" BBC steel-reinforced aluminum day cab

• Set-forward front axle position @ 31"

• Strong, durable cab and hood

• Radiator-mounted mold-in color front grille with signature styling

• Front grille, headlight bezels, engine air intake grille, bumper and primary mirrors trimmed in black

• Halogen composite headlights

• Air rear cab mounts

• Ergonomic wing dash

• 63" x 14" rear window

Roto-180 Rotating Dump Body

The DMF Roto-180 is a rotating dump body that permits its user to deposit the contents of the bed anywhere within a 180° arc. Between the dump body and the truck chassis lies its hydraulically actuated sub-frame which is the heart of the Roto-180. It is a two-piece structure that joins the truck and dump body by means of a massive, durable 43″ industrial roller bearing. The sub-frame also houses multiple hydraulic cylinders and a custom-designed manifold that controls the lift, swing, and tailgate release functions via an in-cab panel.



1/4″ floor & 10 ga. 50,000 yield steel sides with formed top rail. Fully-welded 10 ga. taper box-type side braces, inside corners chamfered 45 degrees at floor and full-length sloping rub rails to shed material for safe, positive cleaning.


Hi-tensile steel with formed top rail. Boxed reinforcements and sloping lower brace.


Upper is fabricated steel weldment with oversize pin. Lower hook engages tailgate pin from top. Keyhole eye keeps tailgate in position.


1/4″ steel 30″ long x full width with fixed side plates.


Welded 3″ structural channel cross members and 5″ x 2″ x 1/4″ box type longitudinals, fully gusseted.


10 cu. yd. bed dimensions are 84″ inside x 144″ long with 40″ high walls, 46″ high tailgate, pockets provided for side boards.


Hoist, rotation and tailgate actuator functions are controlled by 12V DC solenoid valves activated by cab-mounted toggle switches.


Hoist is restricted to 45-degree dump angle by 12V DC limit switch. Tailgate automatically opens when dump angle exceeds 22.5 degrees; two-hand control is required to override this feature. A safety strut is provided for use when servicing unit.


Mechanism consists of no linkage or moving parts other than main bearings and hydraulic cylinders. No special tools are required for service. Contact surfaces on cylinder pins have grease-ways which are ported to a bank of grease fittings which are reached from ground-level without moving the unit.



Subframe: Heavy-duty wide flange

Hoist Speed: 50 secs. to 45 degrees

Mounting Height: 14″

Dump Angle: 45 degrees

Hoist Cylinder: Telescoping (3 stage single acting).

Hoist Cylinder Bore/Stroke: 5-4-3 x 104

Turning Speed: 1/2 rpm

Swing Actuator: Hydraulic cylinders

Thrust Bearing: Diameter — 43″ max. moment load — 120,000 ft./lbs.

Hydraulic Valves: Manifold


RW-1630 railgear is DMF's original and very successful hi-rail gear for large trucks. The front guide wheel assembly attaches to the frame and front axle and lifts the front wheels off the track, thus, utilizing the vehicle’s front suspension. This design supports the vehicle as it was intended and helps the truck navigate curves smoothly and dampen out the effects of track irregularities. The rear assembly attaches directly to the truck frame behind the rear axle/tandem spring hangers. It deploys with an articulated dual-scissor action that allows the rear railgear to be moved both vertically and horizontally. This mechanism provides the “side-shift” action which has made DMF gear so well-known in the industry. It gives operators a greater margin for aligning the vehicle to the track which speeds and simplifies the process of getting the vehicle on rail.



Standard: Attached to front vehicle springs.


Standard: Installation is to vehicle frame (bolted and clamped) below the top-of-frame line and directly behind the rear axle/tandem spring hangers.


Air external shoe, actuated by vehicle brake pedal operation to assist the existing vehicle brakes when in rail mode.


40,000 lbs. per guide wheel axle at 20 MPH.


Front: 1,385 lbs.

Rear: 1,185 lbs.


Front uses front vehicle suspension.

Rear acts as a rigid member between the rail and frame.


56-1/2″ standard.

Alternate gauges available.


Large 3-1/4″ 100,000 psi yield axle with 2-7/8″ spindle.

Two cast steel 16″ wheels per axle with two Timken roller bearings per wheel.


Front – Rail Mode: Design is overcenter so support is through design and welded stops.

Front – Highway Mode: Mechanical safety pin-offs with optional remote feature.

Rear: Mechanical safety pin-offs are provided for rail and highway positions. Remote cable or air operated pin-offs are optional.


Typical requirements: 5 gpm @ 2,000 psi.

Pressure source: PTO/pump.

Valves: Control valves are located at each assembly.

Hose and fittings: SAE 100 R1, JIC swivel ends.

Cylinders: Manufactured by DMF.

Manual control valves raise and lower wheels and are located near assemblies to allow visual inspection during operation.

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