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The TC500 series telescopic cranes are built to meet the wide-ranging needs of owner operators who may use it for residential construction one day and bridge work the next. No matter what the task, the 50-ton line of telescopic cranes is designed to get you to the job and on the job quickly. Available with: 4-Section 96’ (29,3 m) Proportional Boom 4-Section 110’ (33,5 m) Proportional Boom 4-Section 128’ (39,0 m) Proportional Boom 5-Section 155’ (47,2 m) Proportional Boom Jib consists of 2-Section 32’ (9,8 m) To 49’ (14,9 m), Offsetting (0°, 15°, 30°); manually extended. Features Jib Jack and stow bracket design for one-man operations. Compatible with models 5096S, 50128S and 50110S. The model 50155S is available with a 39′ (11,8 m) 1-section jib. Continuous Rotation with a 360º Work Area Retracted, Intermediate And Fully Extended Outrigger Load Charts Deluxe Cab with heater, air conditioning, heated cloth seat, 8 seat adjustments, top hinged hatch, rear pop out window, with guard. Front and top windshield wipers, 12 Volt DC outlet, USB ports and engine monitoring system. Wired LMI with crane function cut-offs for overload protection, graphical display, event recorder, WADS – Work Area Definition System The 50110S, 50128S and 50155S are available with the “SHL” (Super Heavy Lift) option package.
  • Boom: 96'-0", 110'-0", 128'-0" or 155'-0"'
  • Capacity: 50.00
  • Condition: New
  • Location: Riverdale Illinois USA

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