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Alberta, Canada
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North West Crane
Sales, Parts & Service
7015 Sparrow Drive, Leduc, AB T9E 7L1, Canada
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REDUCED $$ Manitex BLOWOUT New 2019 45110T IN PROGRESS mounted on 2019 Kenworth T800 38" Sleeper.  Pictures are not exactly as shown.

Dual Winch Brand New 45110 tractor mount 

Thank you for your interest in North West Crane's unit 195, 2019 Manitex 45110T 

This machine will be mounted as a tractor, have 110’ of main boom and only a single winch.  Note the winch can be controlled via radio remote to make hooking/unhooking the block on the front bumper an easy task for one person.

The out and down mainframe and out and down rear outriggers have positioning pins that allow deployment in the half-spread position and the fully retracted position. This allows the New Manitex 45110T stiff boom crane complete w/ the following:

• Maximum Lifting Capacity of 89,900 Pounds @ 6’ Radius
• Four-Section Telescopic Boom 32’ to 110'
• 4-Load Sheave Quick-Reeve Boom Head
• Maximum Sheave Height of 120'
• 360 Degree Area of Operation
• Continuous Rotation
• Free Swing or Non-Free Swing Option (with flick of a switch)
• 35-ton 3 sheave quick reeve load block
• Two Speed Planetary Hoist w/ 400’of 5/8” Non-Rotational Wire Rope
• Radio Remote Winch Control (for ease of hooking/un-hooking block on bumper for transport)
• Swing Around Operator Control Station.
• Fully Enclosed Tilting Cab w/ Diesel Heater, AM/FM Stereo & Engine Telematics
• Fully Adjustable/Heated Operator Seat.
• Fixed Front Windshield w/ Wiper, Washer & Cover
• Opening Skylight w/ Upper Hatch Guard & Opening Rear Window.
• Opening Side Windows (Right Side has Grill Protection on Opening)
• Platform Includes Engine Stop/Start, Pressure Gauges & Signal horn.
• Hydraulic Single Axis Control Levers for Swing, Lift, Extension & Winch
• Dynamic Brake Pedal & Parking Brake (Switch on Control Console)
• ACCUSwing Feathering Control
• Electric Foot Throttle.
• Boom Length & Angle Indicators
• Bubble Level
• Removable Boom Rest
• Oil Cooler in Return Lines Mounted on Side of Turret
• Hardwired Anti-Two Block w/ Lockout
• PAT “iScout” LMI System w/ Full Operator Display
• Factory Supplied Tractor Mount Lower Frame.
• 4 - Out & Down Outriggers – 22’ (6.71 m) Spread
• Radio Remote Outrigger Controls, Audible Outrigger Motion Alarm
• 4 - 22” Aluminum Float Pads.
• Reduced Load Charts w/ Fully Retracted & Mid-Span Outrigger Placement
• Three-Section Vane Pump w/ Dedicated Swing Circuit
• 115 Gallon Hydraulic Reservoir w/ Suction Strainer & Ball Valve
• Operators Service / Parts Manuals
machine to have a reduced load chart in tight areas where full outrigger positioning is not possible. The outriggers are controlled via a radio remote control transmitter.

NOTE: In Progess 

Being Mounted on 2020 Kenworth T800 38" sleeper tandem tridem tractor.  White.


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