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Designed for Maximum Lifting Capacity
The most compact 8-axle crane of its class
With its AC 8.500-1, Tadano has once again proved just how much power and performance can be packed into a small space. The AC 8.500-1, like many other Tadano cranes, is the most compact crane of its lifting capacity class: A carrier length of only 56.1 feet means that no other 8-axle unit is more compact.
- Capacity Class: 600 USt / 500 t
- Max Main Boom Length: 183.7 ft / 56 m
- Max System Length: 478.3 ft / 145.8 m
- Axles: 8

Included Options

WIHI-A 90m
90m; Luffing Jib; Complete building set with increments 6m; With integrated manual offset section 20°/40°; 5-sheave und 3-sheave head; Enables configuration WIHI 24m -90m, LF 8,4m -62m and HAV 6m -30m; Attention: H2 required for luffing jib operation
R1 (Swing away rooster sheave)
Swing-away rooster sheave; Incl. transport storage at boom he
ad HA56; Enables operation of a second hook
Hook block 320-11-24-D-3200 320-11-24-D (3200kg); Hook block with ramshorn hook;white with red signal stripes; Note: 'Heavy lift attachment'required for maximum reeving (max. 22 parts of line)
Hook block 200-7-24-D
200-7-24-D; Hook block with ramshorn hook; white withred signal stripes
Hook block 100-3-24-D
100-3-24-D; Hook block with ramshorn hook; white withred signal stripes
Hook block 40-1-24-E
40-1-24-E; Hook block with single hook; white with redsignal stripes
Hook 12-0V-E
12-0V-E; single hook with vertical swivel; red
Heavy lift attachment
3 additional sheaves = 11 sheaves integrated in boom head enable max. capacity of 250,9t; Optional heavy lift attachment kit to prevent rope wear/damage at steep main boom configurations with retracted 4. inner section (IK 4 = 0%) available on request
Quick connection carrier-superstructure
Disconnectable bearing with hydraulic central locking; Incl. active luffing cylinder steering; Incl. switchable suspension calibration for light travel configurations; Attention: Machine height 4,2m with
superstructure attached
Boom assembly by trailer
Slide rail and active luffing cylinder steering; Enables boom (dis-) assembly with special trailer and without assist crane or with standard trailer and assist crane; Note: No Homologated driving configuration (Without Paragraph 70); Trailer is not included; Note: If 'Heavy lift attachment' is selected, 'Heavy lift
attachment' will be delivered with separate heavy lift axis
Counterweight AC-Cast 160t
AC-cast-counterweight 16 x 10t => 160t (From AC350 till AC1000-9)
2nd Hoist (H2)
2nd Hoist together with fly-jib fixed bridle as requirement for WIHI; H2 is Spring-loaded multi-disc brake; Resolver (hoist rotation indicator); Incl. quick couplings; incl. luffing beam with hyd. connections which are required for luffing jib retrofit; Incl. rope twist prevention and Hoist monitoring; Note: Required for luffing jib operation (WIHI)
SSL (Sideways Superlift)
Sideways Superlift; Capacity increasing boom guy support
HR (Hydraulic reeving winch )
Hydraulic winch for reeving assistance; Only together with H2
Side mirror
Mirror enabling visual observation of the superstructure cab's
opposite side
Display Datalogger
Display Datalogger; Data recorded by datalogger displayed on the display in the superstructure cabin
Fall-from-height protection system boom base section SSL
Fall-from-height protection for manual operations on the main boom base section and SSL
Fall-from-height protection WIHI
Fall-from-height protection for manual operations on the luffing jib
Fall-from-height protection Counterweight base plate
Fall-from-height protection for manual operations with mast on the counterweight base plate Note: Required for Netherlands
Working platform counterweight
Working platform on counterweight frame
Emergency lowering system HY
Hydraulic interface on crane in accordance with BG (German employers’ liability insurance association requirements) in case of engine failure; Makes it possible luffing, hoisting and slewing (no movements which increases the loadmoment); 'Emergency lowering System transformer' not included; Optional emergency lowering System transformer required if not available; Can be worked via carrier engine or assist crane with hydraulic interface;
Note: Incl. Donor Interface
Emergency override E
Electrical emergency control unit via cable; Enabling to continue crane operation in case of electrical control system failure

  • Year: 2023
  • Capacity: 600.00
  • Condition: New
  • Unit #: BM-4281
  • Serial #: 3084316
  • Location: Houston Texas USA

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