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Houston, Texas, USA
Seller Contact:
Schuch Heavylift Corp
William Adams
80 Pine St, New York, NY 10005, USA
Seller Notes:

2017 LTM 1500-8.1 specs:


  • boom 50m (164 ft)
  • Lattice-type jib 91m (299 ft) N
  • Attachment parts for fixed mounting of the luffing jib
  • boom extension 14m (46 ft) V
  • hoist II
  • hoist III for control of the luffing jib
  • Y-guyed telescopic boom with 30t (33 USt)
  • Spacer S to increase the lifting capacities at the lattice-type luffing jib 
  • Excenter E to increase the lifting capacities at the lattice-type fly jib 
  • 7 sheave, 171 metric ton block
  • 3 sheave, 85 metric ton block
  • Single sheave, 37.5 metric ton block
  • Boom nose for luffing jib 48t (105,800 lbs)
  • Quick Boom removal kit
  • 2800 hours on the upper
  • NEW 20.5  tires
  • 10,000 kilometers (6300 miles)
  • storage box rear
  • A/C in both cabins
  • Camera system for reverse drive with color monitor 
  • Boom cradles
  • Additional fuel tank 300l (80 gallons)
  • Working range limiter
  • VarioBase
  • GSM remote diagnostic module
  • Aircraft warning light
  • Hoist cameras
  • Emergency override
  • LICCON data logger
  • US Load charts and manuals
  • Delivered to Galveston, TX
  • This unit is in excellent condition and comes from our fleet in Germany.




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