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2013 DEMAG AC250 300 US Ton (250 Metric Ton) All Terrain Crane With Following Working Spec: 


- 47.6ft to 262.5ft hydraulic boom with 1 base section and 6 telescopic sections, hydraulically extendable under load.

- 34.1ft to 65.5ft Two piece hydraulic offsettable swing away jib up to 40°

- 2 x 26'3" jib extensions for a total jib height = 118'

- Two winches Rooster sheave

- Upper has Mercedes OM926LA.E3B/3 6-cylinder DSL engine (279HP) hour reads 4,700 hours

- Lower has Mercedes OM502LA.E3B/2 8-Cylinder DSL engine (612HP) miles reads 41,000 and hours reads 1,900 hours

- ZF AS-Tronic transmission 16 forward and 2 reverse speeds with integrated retarder, 2-Range transger case, cruise control

- 96.6t (213,000 lbs) Full Counterweight 

- Big tires 20.5 R 25

- Spare wheel

- Drive/steer 12 x 8 x 10. Performs crab functionality

- Brakes: To EC directives, sustained action brake - hydraulic retarder integrated into gearnox. Exhaust brake and constant choke valve, with ABS  

- 137.7 Ton 5-sheaves hook block

- 88 Ton 3-sheaves hook block

- 44 Ton 1-sheave hook block

- 13.7 Ton Ball hook

- Error free working LMI

- Radio with CD-player for carrier and crane cabin

- Air condition and heat for carrier and crane cabin

- 12 V-socket for carrier cabin and reverse drive alarm

- Two working XENON floodlights at pivot section 

- Two working XENON floodlight on front boom base remotely adjustable from upper cab

- Two working XENON positioning floodlight out of crane cab

- Hydraulically tiltable cab up to 18°

- Reversing camera

- Please call for price.


Options included: 

- HAV-HY20:10M/20M

- HAV-HY10

- Operation with HA or VA, VA16: 8m/16m;

- Includes VA8;

- Operation with HAV-HY

- Outrigger quick connection

- Quick connection telescopic boom

- Outrigger basis monitoring

  • Year: 2013
  • Boom: 262'
  • Capacity: 300.00
  • Condition: Good
  • Location: Georgia USA

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Crane Dude 750pxWide C.N..png

James Roger, 678-810-0874

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