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Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Increase efficiency and boost productivity

Completing projects on time and within estimates can be difficult to accomplish without an efficient deployment of equipment, crew, and other resources to the job site. With cloud based fleet management software you'll be more productive, improve equipment maintenance, reduce downtime, and have better data to make more informed decisions.

Our comprehensive fleet management system is intuitive and easy to use, uniquely flexible and configurable, scalable to meet changing needs over time, and integrates with other systems such as fuel and gps.

  • Manage mobile equipment and crew without the whiteboard or spreadsheets
  • Save money through better preventive maintenance, better parts management, more warranty claims, and more
  • Get the data you need to to make more informed decisions about your heavy equipment and crew

Manage everything from fleet maintenance to operations:`

  • Maintenance management
  • Parts inventory management
  • Repair history information
  • Equipment tracking
  • Equipment component tracking
  • Resource allocation
  • Job site costing
  • Customer management
  • Work orders
  • Tool management
  • E-mail notification system
  • Warranty tracking
  • Fuel tracking
  • Expense tracking
  • Purchase orders
  • Depreciation
  • Upfitting & disassembly
  • License & certifications
  • Inspection tracking
  • Store documents related to any asset
  • Accidents & claims tracking
  • Incident tracking and reporting
  • Much more

Job Site Tracking

Manage and track the efforts of equipment, assets, tools, parts, employee labor, and sub-contractors as applied to job sites.

  • Quick views and reports give you total costs by asset, materials, sub-contractors, etc.
  • Keep documents related to the job site in one place for quick access and better organization

Powerful Reporting Capabilities

Gain all the reporting tools needed to generate useful information regarding your equipment, costs, resource allocation, and more.

  • 100+ standard fleet and operational reports
  • Create custom reports with the built-in report editor
  • Ad-hoc style reports that make creating simple, custom reports easy for the average user
  • Advanced filtering and query options for showing relevant data
  • Export to .CSV and .PDF, send via email, and more
  • Graphs and charts

Tool Management & Assignment

Our software gives you the power to improve how you manage and maintain your tools.

  • Improve scheduling to assure proper maintenance on tools, resulting in improved useful life and safety.
  • A variety of reports help you track costs, know when it's time to replace the tool, where they are assigned, and more