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8'x9'x12 Engineered Oak Mats / Pads

Last Updated: 11 Aug 2016

Part Specifications: 1 2

  • Price: $19,600
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  • Year: 2016
  • Hours: Inquire
  • Location: Ohio, United States
  • Condition: New
  • Serial #: Verify
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Mats are 8' wide x 9' long x 12" thick.

Each oak timber is 12" x 12" center cut (center of tree for additional strength).

They're bolted together with 16 - 8'x1" threaded rods through the mat, in two layers.

Additional single layer of 1" steel dowel pins 12" on center between bolt rows (not visible).

We prefer these over steel mats, as they do less damage to concrete and asphalt.

Engineering shown is for 200,000 lbs capacity. Additional capacity is available.

Price includes 4 mats.

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Jcrane, Inc.

Phone: 937-418-0556
Fax: 937-473-5250

Address: 10315 U.S. 36, Covington, OH 45318, USA

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