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Load Systems International LSI RCI-1550 Multi Sensor Display Miscellaneous Parts Crane Part for Sale on
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Big D Heavy Equipment
Ford Santa Maria
400 North St. Paul Suite 550, Dallas, TX 75201 USA
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LSI RCI-1550 Multi Sensor Display


• Suits all crane types
• Extensive loadchart memory
• Comprehensive fault reporting
• Simple calibration techniques
• Data-logging
• Plug-in cables
• CE certification
• Back-lit display for night operation
• Fully tested against temperature,
humidity & vibration
• Incorporates anti-two-block
• Multiple load sensing

Cost-Effective Solutions / Worldwide Support / Quality and Innovation
LSI Robway RCI-1550 Rated Capacity Indicator
The LSI Robway RCI-1550 utilizes industry-proven external sensors.
• Designed for maximum versatility, the LSI Robway RCI-1550 can monitor
up to four load inputs, three angle and three potentiometer
style inputs (i.e length, slew etc.)
• Central processing unit has ample capacity for data storage,
such as load charts, calibration and data logging.
• Extensive transient protection testing has been performed to
ensure faultless operation under severe climatic conditions
such as lightning.
• Designed for:
– Mobile Cranes
– Shipyard/Harbour Level Luffers
– Container Cranes
– Tower Cranes
– Gantry Cranes
– Excavators
– Offshore Pedestal Cranes (area classification:
safe – area cabin & zone 1 or zone 2 boom)
• Large dot-matrix LCD screen for simultaneous display of
boom length, angle, radius, safe working load (SWL), falls
or parts of line, duty (crane configuration), active hook load,
and local time.
• Optional tilt/level indication
• Audible alarm and bargraph for visual indication of SWL
percentage and alarm conditions
• Multiple digital inputs for optional proximity switches used
to monitor boom position around the areas of operation as
specified by the crane’s load charts, and for other special
switch requirements.
• Multiple output relays for optional external audible alarm,
motion cut/lockouts
• External warning lights and others as required by the
• Secured calibration function access via PIN

• Metric and imperial unit conversion feature
• Serial interface for optional wind speed (anemometer) sensors,
encoders for monitoring hook height and trolley radius on
tower cranes, radio/wireless devices, and the E-Log Unit.
• Complies to the requirements of British Standard BS7262
and other known international legislation requirements.
• As the 1550’s system is so flexible, please contact an
LSI Robway RCI-1550 representative for information about
configurations for your specific applications. Specifications
may vary without notice.
• Reverse polarity protection
• Low and over-voltage protection
• Ultra low power consumption
• Operating voltage of 10.5 VDC to 40 VDC
• For VAC input supply, optional AC to DC power supply
is provided
• Industrial working temperature range of -20˚C to 70˚C
• Standard 10 analogue inputs for multiple load, length,
and angle sensors, and optional tilt sensor
• Standard 8 digital (switch) inputs and 8 relay outputs
• Standard 2MB flash memory card for data-logging records
• LSI Robway RCI-1550 Fully tested against humidity and vibration
• Display in 316 grade stainless steel enclosure rated to IP64,
and control unit in sheet steel dipcoat primed in RAL 7044
enclosure rated to IP66 (stainless steel enclosure for marine/
offshore application also available).

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