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"Why Doesn't My Equipment Sell?"

In order to get qualified leads, you need a qualified piece of equipment.

Make sure you get the most value for your equipment sooner with Crane Network FastTrack

Here's How it Works

Create your equipment listing on Crane Network. You can enter the FastTrack system immediately or at any time during your advertising package.

Crane Network coordinates a visit to the equipment. It is evaluated from top to bottom and new information, pictures, and videos are collected.

The equipment receives an expanded, more detailed listing with evaluations data. The unit is rated and priced (Negotiated with seller - but a real street value is determined)

The unit is then submitted to a channel of inside/outside sales members who actively market the equipment via phone, email, and direct contact with an established network of buyers. During this period we are able to establish the pricing, interest, and generate real offers for the unit.

If no offers are received or the street perception does not match the pricing - another negotiation is had to either reduce the price or submit to auction.

There are multiple liquidation methods within the auction business where it could be reserve or no reserve with each having positive and negative results. Sellers in the reserve method still have a method of right of refusal.

Our goal at Crane Network is to assist in the sale of your equipment from start to finish. We want to actively work with you and provide disposition methods that generate offers to our customers looking for a more detail oriented route of advertising.