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Houston, Texas, USA
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CraneWorks, Inc.
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713-491-9359 (fax)
7795 Little York Rd, Houston, TX 77016, USA
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The Kaiser Premier CV200 hydro excavator truck features a 39' 2" tri-drive chassis with optional pusher axle, and can hold up to 2,250 gallons of fresh water or debris.
Refined design
The CV Series line of Hydrovacs has been developed and perfected over many years. It sets new standards in hydro excavation industry. Every aspect of the hydrovac process was analyzed to ensure that the CV pulls the most dirt in the least amount of time with the safest and most efficient operation possible. All critical components are centralized and housed in an insulated, heated aluminum van body. Operators especially appreciate the functional space located on both sides of the machine.
Powerful performance
The RB-DV series of rotary three lobe PD blowers can operate at high vacuum levels thanks to a patented device that injects atmospheric air. This device allows the blower to operate at maximum vacuum capacity without overheating. RB-DV series blowers can reach vacuum levels of up to 93% on a dead head -27” Hg without the need to inject water or use an upstream heat exchanger, consequently lowering installation and operating costs.
The extendable boom delivers superior reach and mobility. Our unique head-mount design allows 342-degree rotation and a 26 ft reach.
Easy operation
All functions can be operated via wireless radio remote control for single operator functionality, backed up with concise manual controls if needed.
Control systems
- Anytime hydraulic powered by hotshift PTO
- Efficient gearing on transfer case allows engine to run in peak power range
- Transfer case interlock and shift aid, eliminates gears from becoming compromised during operation
- Passive temperature monitoring of critical systems
- Back-up on-board controls for all wireless functions
- Hard wired and electromechanical controls facilitate field diagnosis
High pressure water system
- Cat Pumps 3560 high pressure water pump with a system setting of 20 gpm and 3,000 psi (factory settings)
- Dig hose reel with 75’ of ½’’ hose
- Air power retract hose reel
- Wash bars inside tank and flush out nozzle in the cyclone
- Variable speed hydraulic drive
Vacuum system
- Robuschi RB-DV 145 vacuum blower with a system capacity of 6,600 cfm and 27’’ Hg max. vacuum
- Direct drive via split shaft PTO (transfer case)
- 6 way, extra heavy-duty, hydraulic powered boom
- 32’ of 8’’ suction hose
- 20’ dig depth without hose extension
- Hydraulic vacuum breaker
- 10 micron final filter
Tank superstructure
- Divided / integrated water and debris tanks
- Fixed tank design means no tipping
- Sloped floor design with optional pusher axle
- Heavy duty fenders for storage of tools/extension hose
- Powder coated inside and outside
Radio remote control
- Suction boom control
- Water pump speed / pressure control
- Vacuum breaker control
- Dump door / lock control
- Unloading pusher control
- Engine speed control
- E-stop
Water system options
- Secondary digging hose reel (with tools)
- Secondary steam hose reel (with tools)
- 100’ of ½” hose
- 700,000 BTU certified boiler
- Upgraded 102 gpm debris body flush system (turbo flush)
General options
- Mechanically assisted offload (11.7 - 12.8 yd3 tank capacity)
- Hydraulic trash pump
- Rear platforms
- Towing package
- 3 levels of heat protection for water system
- Weight scale system
- Air compressor