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Used NOV Texas Oil Tools 4 1/16-inch 15K BOP equipment

Last Updated: 17 Jul, 17
  • Year: Inquire
  • Hours: Inquire
  • Location: Texas, United States
  • Condition: Good
  • Serial #: 113-34046
  • Unit #: OF-115
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This package includes the following equipment:

• 4 1/16" 15k Quad BOP

• 4 1/16" 15k Dual Combi BOP

• 4 1/16" 15k Flow Cross

• 4 1/16" 15K Bowen Night Cap

• 4 1/16" 15k 2-Door Stripper

• 4 1/16" 15k BX-155 Bowen Crossover

Coiled Tubing BOP (ES Series)

NOV Texas Oil Tools' ES Series BOP is smaller and lighter than any other comparable BOP on the marketplace today.

In addition to a hydraulic ram change that enables easier access to service the rams, the ES Series features a balanced piston on the shear actuator, which eliminates the effects of well pressure when shearing. It also comes equipped with internal hydraulic porting, along with ram position indicators, and is available in a wide range of configurations.


Light and compact 

Pressure-balanced piston

Low bonnet bolt torque

Integral equalizing valves

Well pressure isolated seals

Hydraulic ram change

Internal porting

Independent bonnet testing

Ram position indicator

Manual locks

Two Door Stripper Packer

The two door stripper packer has two independent packers that can be changed through a side door. This two-door setup is based on the over/under design; however, with the ability to replace the upper packer through a side door, the new design allows for quicker and safer packer changes. It also eliminates the need for the tandem packer, which reduces the overall stack height. A pressure chamber between the packers can be used to inject lubricants or inhibitors during coiled tubing operations, thus extending the life of the packer.


Packers can be operated independently

Pressure chamber between packers for lubricating coiled tubing, monitoring pressure, and monitoring inhibitor injection

Snub into well with either packer

Long-life bushings

Same mounting flange as the over/under and side door

Email Seller
Phone: 1-866-458-5915
Fax: 713-491-9359

Address: 7795 Little York Road, Houston, TX 77016, USA

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