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Equipment Specifications:
Very Good
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Texas, USA

Seller Info:

CraneWorks, Inc.

Sales Dept.

P: 1-866-458-5915

F: 713-491-9359


Address: 7795 Little York Road, Houston, TX 77016, USA

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This package includes the following equipment:

• 5 1/8" 15k Quad BOP

• 5 1/8" 15k Dual Combi BOP

• 5 1/8" 15k Flow Cross

• 5 1/8" 15k BX169 Night Cap

• 5 1/8" 15k Bowen Night Cap

• 5 1/8" 15k BX-169 Bowen Crossover

• 5 1/8" 15k BX169 Swivel

• 5 1/8" 15k BX169 Riser 8'

• 5 1/8" 15k BX169 Riser 8'

• 5 1/8" 15k BX169 Riser 8'

• 5 1/8" 15k BX169 Riser 6'

• 5 1/8" 15k BX169 Riser 4'

BOPs are used to provide positive protection against blow-outs and to secure the well in an emergency. This allows work to be safely carried out, under pressure, on surface equipment while the tubing is still in the wellbore.

The BOP closing design consists of a hydraulic actuator assembly connected to each ram assembly. This allows the rams to be hydraulically compressed around the tubing from opposite sides which creates a seal, thus containing well pressure below the rams. Pressure across the rams is equalized, through an equalizing assembly located across each ram assembly. This takes place prior to hydraulic retraction of the rams.

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