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Florida, USA

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Address: 2200 North 30th Road, Hollywood, FL 33021, United States

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only 8 hrs, 2 year / 2,000 hr warranty direct from JCB of Buford, GA, padfoot roller shell is available for an additional $8,500, JCB’s ecomax tier 4 final eng uses less fuel than prior models thanks to – among other things – our variable geometry turbo, the std variable sp fan provides another fuel savings of up to 6%, the ecomax eng deliver a massive 525 nm in the VM117 at low eng sp for optimum responsiveness, while ecomax also produces high power and torque at just 2200 rpm for fuel-efficient matching of trans and hyd, with ecomax your VM117 will save you money on servicing because exhaust after-treatment (and therefore, costly heat-resistant lube oils) are unnecessary, for ease of servicing, the VM117 is designed so that all daily checks can be done from ground level on one side of the machine, a wide-opening rear hood provides easy access to the easily cleaned radiator and battery, the cooling pack on these soil compactors is easy to get to and clean – which optimizes eng cooling, likewise the fuel tank is behind simple access panels for easy cleaning in case of contamination, electronics testing and servicing are quick and easy on a VM117 because service ports, key fuses and the isolator key are all centralized, to extend service intervals (and therefore productivity) both of these soil compactors feature a cyclonic air cleaner which reduces debris build up in the air filter, an air intake scavenge system then removes the debris, you never need to grease a VM117, centerjoint bearings are teflon-coated and the center joint itself is sealed for a grease-free, zero-maintenance life, the exciter shaft vibration bearings are maintenance-free too, the fully bolted front frame has no protruding bolt heads, a raised front beam position allows quick cleaning of drum scrapers and JCB’s unique preloaded rubber mountings, meanwhile, ensure long service life and reduced run costs, expect ultimate homogenous compaction performance in fewer passes on every surface from sand to rock, courtesy of optimized, dual amplitude and frequency settings, high centrifugal forces (vm117 – max. 256 kn), increased static linear load and vibrating mass, the VM117 boasts quick (up to 11 km/h) travel times around site, which speeds up preparation for the next pass, a tight turning radius also makes these soil compactors supremely maneuverable, our ecomax-eng on the VM117 soil compactor offers a massive 60% gradability for great versatility and productivity.

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