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2014 Terex T780 hydraulic truck crane

Last Updated: 19 Jul 2017
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  • Year: 2014
  • Capacity: 80.00
  • Boom/Jib: 126'
  • Location: Texas, United States
  • Hours: Inquire
  • Condition: Very Good
  • Serial #: 120368
  • Unit #: 80-006

Rent Options

Standard Features


  • Lifting capacity 80 tons (72.5 mt)



  • Four section, full power, mechanically synchronized boom.
  • High strength, four plate construction welded inside and out with embossed side plate holes to reduce weight and increase strength. 
  • Quick-reeving boom head; no need to remove wedge from socket.
  • Single boom hoist cylinder provides boom elevation of -4 degrees to 76 degrees for easier reeving changes and close radius operation. 
  • Hoist cylinder is equipped with integral hold valves.







  • 460 fpm (162.5 m/min) maximum line speed, 18,450 lb (8,369 kg) maximum line pull.
  • Electronic drum indicators. 
  • Integral automatic brakes.
  • Two speed main hoist with standard lay wire rope.
  • Grooved drum, tapered flanges, and spring loaded cable roller for improved spooling.
  • Electronic hoist rotation indicator.




  • Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI) system with audible and visual warning and automatic function disconnects.   Anti-two block system with audible and visual warning and automatic function disconnects.
  • Deluxe six-way adjustable operator's seat with torsion bar suspension and adjustable head and arm rests.  Armrest mounted controls for hoists, swing and boom elevation; foot control pedals for swing brake, boom telescope and throttle.
  • Sound and weather insulated for comfort.  
  • Removable front window, hinged tinted glass skylight, and sliding right-hand window. 
  • Tinted safety glass throughout.
  • Environmentally sealed rocker switches.
  • Circuit breakers located in cab.
  • Complete instrumentation.
  • 360-degree house lock standard.



  • Standard upper counterweight, with auxiliary hoist 13,450 lb (6,101 kg), without auxiliary hoist, 15,000 lb (6,804 kg).



  • Rugged, 8x4 drive, box type chassis construction, with full aluminum decking. 
  • Fuller manual transmission, with 11-speeds forward and three reverse. 
  • Hydraulic assisted power steering.
  • Full air brakes on all wheels with ABS split circuit system.
  • Fully independent hydraulic outriggers available for use fully extended to 26-ft (7.9 m), 1/2-extended position, or fully retracted. 
  • 5th front outrigger. 
  • Removable aluminum outrigger pads.  
  • Tail swing only 13'10" (4.2 m).  








Engine  U.S. & Canada Only - EPA 2010 Road Reg. Compliant Engine

  • Cummins ISX, 2010 Road Reg. compliant, 450-HP (336 kW) @ 1,800 rpm, 1550 lb. ft @1200 rpm.

With Automatic Transmission selection.

  • 500 HP (373kW) @ 1600 RPM, 1650 lb. ft. @1200 RPM ,  6-cylinder, water-cooled, fuel injected diesel with an intercooled, turbo-charger.

Hydraulic System 


  • High capacity, full flow oil filtration system with a 202 gallon (765 L)  capacity reservoir.
  • Three gear pumps driven off the transmission.
  • Combined system capacity is 131 gpm (495 lpm).






  • One-man aluminum cab mounted on vibration absorbing pads.
  • Optimum visibility with safety glass, acoustical foam padding inside cab for insulation against sound and weather.
  • Hot air defroster.
  • Six-way adjustable air suspension seat with seat belt and arm rests.
  • Lockable door with roll down window.






  • 1-set of operators and parts manuals will be shipped with the machine.

Included Items

  • Model T780 (80 U.S. Ton ) BASIC MACHINE (126' (38.4 m) boom included)                                                  
  • Equipped with:  EPA 2010 ROAD REG. COMPLIANT ENGINE - U.S. & CANADA ONLY
  • Domestic Shipment (within the US)
  • Imperial (English) - Includes imperial load chart, chip, and boom markings
  • Jib Offset 33' (10.0 m) - 57' (17.4 m)
  • Rotation Resistant Wire Rope
  • Auxiliary Hoist (Includes auxiliary sheave assembly)
  • Rotation Resistant Wire Rope
  • Single Lever, Dual Axis Controls
  • Hydraulic A/C and LP Heater
  • A/C Selected ( Lower Cab )
  • Automatic Transmission ( includes 500 HP Cummins ISX )
  • No Remote Steering Selected
  • 12-ton (10.9 mt) Capacity Overhaul Ball with Hook Latch
  • 80-ton (72.6 mt), 5-sheave, Hook Block With Hook Latch
  • Remote Outrigger Controls Selected
  • Pintle Hook -- Rear of Machine (only)
  • Yellow Strobe Light (Contains 1 light)
  • Work Light Package (Contains 3 lights mounted on the base of the boom, front of the cab, and superstructure)
  • 360-degree Spotlight 
  • 3rd Wrap Kit - Main Hoist (Consult factory for pricing)
  • 3rd Wrap Kit - Auxiliary Hoist (Consult factory for pricing)
  • Tire Inflation Kit
  • PDI/OSHA Inspection
  • 1T9T700AHEW120368
  • SR# 120368
Email Seller
Phone: 1-866-458-5915
Fax: 713-491-9359

Address: 7795 Little York Road, Houston, TX 77016, USA

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