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Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Seller Contact:
Cropac Equipment, Inc.
Johnathan Vieira
905-825-5264 (fax)
1007 S Service Rd W, Oakville, ON L6L 6R3, Canada
Seller Notes:

2008 Tadano GT900XL


90-Ton Telescopic Boom Hydraulic Truck, crane, equipped with all standard equipment including:


Boom - 144.4 Feet

  • Five section, full power, mechanically synchronized boom

  • High strength quick-reeving boom head; no need to remove wedge from socket.

  • Single boom hoist cylinder provides boom elevation of -2 degrees to 80 degrees for easier reeving changes and close radius operation

  • Hoist cylinder is equipped with integral hold valves

  • Jib - 32.5 - 58.1 Feet

  • Double Stage lattice type Offsetable  3.5 Degrees, 25 Degrees, 40 Degrees


  • 585 fpm maximum line speed

  • 18,200 lb maximum line pull

  • Integral automatic brakes

  • Two speed main hoist with Rotation Resistant wire rope

  • Grooved drum, tapered flanges, and spring loaded cable roller for improved spooling

  • Electronic hoist rotation indicator


  • Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI) system with audible and visual warning and automatic function disconnects.   Anti-two block system with audible and visual warning and automatic function disconnects

  • Deluxe six-way adjustable operator's seat with torsion bar suspension and adjustable head and arm rests.  Armrest mounted controls for hoists, swing and boom elevation; foot control pedals for swing brake, boom telescope and throttle

  • Sound and weather insulated for comfort

  • Hinged tinted glass skylight, and sliding right-hand window as well a rear window.

  • Safety glass throughout

  • Environmentally sealed rocker switches

  • Complete instrumentation

  • 360-degree house lock standard


  • Standard upper counterweight, 39,500 lb 


  • Rugged, 8x4 drive, mono box chassis construction, Hydraulic assisted power steering

  • Full air brakes on all wheels with ABS split circuit system

  • Fully independent hydraulic outriggers available for use fully extended to 26-ft (7.9 m), 1/2-extended position, or fully retracted

  • 5th front outrigger

  • Removable aluminum outrigger pads

  • Tail swing only 13'10" (4.2 m)


  • Mercedes OM460LA - 490 HP @ 1800 RPM, 1628 lb. ft. @1300 RPM ,  

  • 6-cylinder, water-cooled, fuel injected diesel with an intercooled, turbo-charger

Hydraulic System

  • High capacity, full flow oil filtration system with a 185 gallon capacity reservoir

  • Two variable piston pumps for crane functions


  • One-man aluminum cab mounted on vibration absorbing pads

  • Optimum visibility with safety glass, acoustical foam padding inside cab for insulation against sound and weather

  • Hot air defroster

  • Six-way adjustable air suspension seat with seat belt and arm rests



  • Rotation Resistant Wire Rope

  • Auxiliary Hoist (Includes auxiliary sheave assembly)

  • Single Lever, Dual Axis Controls

  • Hydraulic Heater

  • 6.5-ton  Capacity Overhaul Ball with Hook Latch

  • 55 ton, 5-sheave, Hook Block With Hook Latch

  • Remote Outrigger Controls Selected

  • Work Light Package (Contains 3 lights mounted on the base of the boom, front of the cab, and superstructure)

  • 3rd Wrap Kit - Main Hoist

  • 3rd Wrap Kit - Auxiliary Hoist

  • Yearly PDI Inspection in September

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