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Guilderland, New York, USA
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Empire Crane Co., LLC
Luke Lonergan - Vice President
315-458-4101 (alt)
315-458-3169 (fax)
7021 Performance Dr, Syracuse, NY 13212, USA
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2017 Wolffkran 8033.20 Cross for Sale or for Rent

Excellent Condition
• 118’ (36m)tower height; 126.6 hook height (TV20.4-500 x 8 pieces)
• 98’ (30 m) basic jib plus Jib Extension for a Total 262’(80m) Jib Length with trolley gear
• Counterweight Set for jib length 262’(80m)
• 820’ (250m) Hoist Rope 2160, plus rope thimble
• 164’ (50m) Main power supply cable 4x70 mm²
• 110kW Hoist Power
• Operator’s cabin platform with cabin WOLFFCAB (heat, sound insulation, front windows with windscreen wipers and washing device, tinted safety glass, window blinds, radio with SD/USB port and Bluetooth hands-free equipment, beverage coller/heater, six sockets, heating, prepared for the installation of AC and touch panel. Ergonomic crane operator’s seat and control desk. Slewing frame with slewing drive. Slewing bearing with electrical central lubrication unit. Lower tower top with slip-ring system. Counter jib with hoisting gear drive platform and switch cabinet. Temperature-monitored switch cabinet with heating and ventilation. Plugin control cables
• All drive frequency controlled squirrel-cage motors. Slewing gear with an electrical weathervaning device. Automatic windforce compensation controls.
• Multivoltage equipment for supplies from 380V to 460V at 50/60 cycles. Voltage monitoring. Electronic safety crane controls with bus technology. Absolute encoders for all operating movements. Electronic load measuring device. Multilingual color touchscreen display. Wind indicator and signal lamps.
• Electronic overload protection system with WOLFFBoost. Menu guided setting of overlaod protection system and of all limiters from operators cabin. Working space limiter. Anti-collision interface. Remote data transmission system WOLFFLink. Hoist drive with possible power reduction.
• 30055813 Alternative 24 with tower connection TV20. Slewing part complete with 2-part line hook block (max. 44,090 lbs (20t)) and hoist winch Hw 20110 FU (110kW), secondary hoist brake

Located in Albany, NY
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