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Equipment Specifications:
Very Good
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Serial #:
Manchester, Connecticut, USA
Seller Contact:
Shawmut Equipment Company, Inc.
Kate Costelloe
860-649-9825 (fax)
20 Tolland Turnpike, Manchester, CT 06042, USA
Seller Notes:

One (1) Used 2015 Potain MDT218A-J10, S/N: 605436, Topless “City” Tower Crane Equipped As Shown Below:


- 11 U.S. Ton Maximum Capacity

- 213 Ft Maximum Radius

- 2 U.S. Ton Capacity at Maximum Radius

- Qty (4) Four - K439A 5m Mast Sections

- Qty (4) Four – K437A 5m Mast Section

- Qty (1) K60/K50 Transition Mast Section

- Qty (2) KR649A 5m Mast Sections

- Counter-Jib

- Counterweights for Counter Jib

- Electric Slip Ring Collector

- 50LVF25 Optima Hoist

- 7DVF4 Trolley Winch 

- SM/DM Trolley (2 or 4 parts of line)

- RVF162 Optima Slewing Drive

- Potain “Ultra-View Cab”

- Anemometer for Wind Speed

- Auxiliary Winch for Service Deck

- Motorized Greasing for Ring & Pinion

- Painted Manitowoc Red

- Not Included:  Fixing Angles (Anchors)


Call Kevin O'Connell at (860) 970 - 9323 or Ben Siemen at (617) 416 – 7337.

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