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2019 POTAIN HUP 40-30 Crane for Sale or Rent in Nisku Alberta on
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Please call 800-427-6722 or
email the seller for current pricing
Equipment Specifications:
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Serial #:
Nisku, Alberta, Canada
Seller Contact:
Cropac Equipment, Inc.
Johnathan Vieira
905-825-5264 (fax)
1007 S Service Rd W, Oakville, ON L6L 6R3, Canada
Seller Notes:

HUP 40-30 Basic unit with set of concrete ballast slabs, high sole plates, anemometer, Top site interference control system, and central lubrification for greasing of the slewing ring

Mast: Galvanised folding mast

Hook heights: 98’feet with jib offset at 0 degree, 131’feet with jib offset at 20 degrees

Jib: Standard jib length is 131’feet

Hoist: The 18 HPL 10 High performance lifting variable frequency hoist offers line speeds up to 213’ft/min

Wire Rope: Ample wire rope to reach the ground with four part line

Hook Block: Permanent 4 fall hookblock

Trolley: The 3 DVF  5 Trolley is capable of speeds up to 148 ft/min

Swing: Two ( 2 ) HPS 141 High performance slewing motors allow the crane a maximum swing speed of 0.9 RPM

Remote Control: Radio remote control with Smart Set-up and auxiliary tethered remote are standard

Counterweights: 59,790 lb are standard

Outriggers: 14.76’ ft x 14.76’ ft center to center of outrigger pads

Electrical requirement: 480 Volt, 60 Hz, measured at the turntable

Electrical cabinet: UL/CSA kit

Paint: Manitowoc red

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