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Texas, USA
Seller Contact:
Bigge Crane and Rigging Co.
Robert Apo - Crane Sales Manager
510-877-3004 (fax)
14800 Jersey Shore Dr, Houston, TX 77047, USA
Seller Notes:
Product Description:
- Six section boom, single cylinder telescoping with pinning system 
- Bi-Fold Lattice Jib 
- Aux Sheave 
- Automatic 2nd and 3rd axle oscillation lock out system 
- Variable speed main hoist with grooved drum 
- Disc brakes 
- Variable speed auxiliary hoist with grooved drum 
- Air dryer 
- Drum rotation indicator (audible, visible and thumper type) main and aux 
- Water separator with filter(high filtration) 
- Engine over-run alarm 
- Anti-Two block device (overwind cutout) and lower limit (3rd wrap) 
- Back-up alarm 
- Boom angle indicator 
- Low oil pressure/high water temp. warning device (visual) 
- Tadano electronic load moment indicator system (AML-C) 
- 2nd and 3rd steer centering light 
- Outrigger extension length detector - Air cleaner dust indicator 
- Tadano twin slewing system and 360 o positive slewing lock - Tool storage compartment 
- Tilting cab - Tire inflation kit 
- Self centering finger control levers with pilot control - 24 volt electric system 
- Control pedals for boom elevating and boom telescoping - 7.9 ton (7.2 metric ton) hook ball with swivel 
- 3 way adjustable cloth seat with armrests, high back 
- Tilt-telescoping steering wheel 
- Weighted hook storage compartment 
- Tinted safety glass and sun visor 
- Hook block tie down (front bumper) 
- Front windshield wiper and washer 
- Towing hooks-Front and rear 
- Roof window wiper and washer 
- Lifting eyes 
- Power window (cab door ) 
- Halogen head lamp 
- Rear view mirrors (right and left side) 
- Telematics (machine data logging and monitoring system) 
- Mirror for main and auxiliary hoists with HELLO-NET via internet 
- Cab floor mat 
- Eco mode system 
- Pump disconnect in operator's cab 
- Self-removable counterweight (40,100 24,500 = 64,600 lbs) 
- Hydraulic oil cooler - Self- removable outrigger boxes 
- Air conditioner (hot water heater and cooler) 
- Emergency steering assist 
- Positive control 
- Anemometer 
- Work lights 
- Aircraft warning light 
- Independently controlled outriggers 
- Four outrigger extension positions


Capacity 160
Boom 200
Jib 33-105
Engine Cummins
Winch 2

BOOM: 42’-200’, six section, single cylinder, pinned. 210’ tip height. 430 seconds to reach full extension.

JIB: 34-59’ hydraulically offset bi-fold jib. Offsets from 0-40 degrees. Assist cylinders for mounting and storing, controlled at right side of superstructure. Self-stowing pins. On board tip height is 269.’

COUNTERWEIGHT: Hydraulically self-removable 40,100 lbs. 24,500 lbs. total 64,600 lbs.

HOISTS: Equal performance main and auxiliary grooved drums with cable follower, rotation indicators and mirrors. 3/4'’ wire rope with maximum line pull of 21,800 lbs. and permissible pull of 15,900 lbs. 535 fpm maximum line speed. Auxiliary boom nose.

CAB: All steel tilting, powered door window, tilt telescoping steering wheel; adjustable control lever stands with self-centering, pilot operated fingertip controls. Three way adjustable cloth operator’s seat with armrests, high back and seat belt. Tinted shatterproof safety glass and sun visor. Windshield and skylight wiper and washer. Work lights. Floor mat.

LMI: Tadano AML-C and Anti-two block with lockouts. Automatic speed reduction and soft stop functions. External warning lamp; fuel consumption monitor; radius, angle, tip height and swing preset function. Automatic Outrigger length indicator programs corresponding load chart.

HYDRAULICS: Two variable piston pumps for crane functions. One tandem gear for steering, swing and options. In-cab pump disconnect switch. Remote mounted oil cooler.

TRANSMISSION: Electronically controlled, fully automatic 5 forward and two reverse speeds.

DRIVE/STEER: 6X4X6. 1st axle: floating, steer and drive; 2nd axle: steer; 3rd axle: floating steer and drive. Four steering modes: two wheel front; 4 wheel rear; 6 wheel coordinated and 6 wheel crab. Axles two and three with centering light and automatic oscillation lockouts. Emergency steering device.

BRAKES: Air over hydraulic disc on all wheels. Electro-pneumatic exhaust brake. Air dryer. TIRES: (6) 26.5R25. Steel fenders. Tire inflation kit.

OUTRIGGERS: Four beam and jack, with four extensions lengths: 9’10”, 18’1”; 23’11” and 26’11”. Asymmetrical set up capability. Self-storing pads. Both front and rear boxes are self-removable.

BLOCK/BALL: 110 ton hook block, 7.9 ton headache ball. MISCELLANEOUS: Tadano twin swing system; 360 degree mechanical house lock; anemometer; Aircraft warning light; Eco mode system; fuel consumption monitor. Weighted hook storage. Machine data logging and monitoring system via internet “hello net.” Halogen headlamps; dual rearview mirrors; tool storage compartment and back up alarm.

DIMENSIONS: Height 12’5”; Chassis width 10’10”; Overall width with full counterweight, 11’6”. Chassis length 26’3”, Overall length 53’2”.

GVW: Total working weight with full counterweight of 199,000 lbs. Can strip to 113,000 lbs. with outrigger boxes and counterweight removed, and to 133,500 lbs. base unit with only counterweight removed. Can move on three or four total trucks.

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