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Equipment Specifications:
Unit #:
Serial #:
Alberta, Canada
Seller Contact:
North West Crane Enterprises Ltd.
Rita Stegerman
7015 Sparrow Dr, Leduc, AB T9E 7L1, Canada


Seller Notes:

Year End Clearance  Unit 186, New 13 Ton Ferrari 7213CR.A4 crane

2020 Peterbilt 348 chassis    Custom 14ft deck

The 7213CR.A4 crane comes with radio remote controls (which can be operated anywhere within 300’ of the unit), hydraulically extendable stabilizers, 4-hyrdaulic extensions and the Magic Touch technology. This allows the operator to stow & unstow the boom regardless of the position with a press of one button.  This keeps the chassis, rig-up & crane from being damages with improper use.   The Peterbilt is nicely equipped with 300hp and an automatic.  The extended cab offers the driver more leg room and extra storage behind the seats.  The 14ft deck comes with headache rack, lockable chain hangers, chain tray, 5th wheel, rear apron and hitch and LED lights.

Ferrari 7213CR.A4 NOCE 

·         Maximum lifting capacity of 10,417 lbs. at 14.37’
·         Maximum lifting capacity of   6,845 lbs. at 20.83’
·         Maximum lifting capacity of   5,027 lbs. at 27.3’
·         Maximum lifting capacity of   3,913 lbs. at 34.09’
·         Maximum lifting capacity of   3,230 lbs. at 40.88 (end of Hyd. Extensions)
·         Approx. 6,349 lbs. dry weight

·         415 degree rotation (non-continuous) - largest in it's class 

·         (4) Hydraulic Extensions (Max Reach 40.88 feet )

·         Hydraulic Out & Down Stabilizers (Max Width 18.04 feet )

·         Oil Tank Capacity 130 L

·         Slewing Hook, 8 Ton

·         Control Valve DANFOSS PVG32

·         Multifunction Hetronic Radio Remote Controls

·         Red Power, Link on Column = Constant Lifting Capacities (on all main boom positions)

·         Link on Second Boom = Negative Boom Angle (giving access to low ceiling space areas)

·         Magic Touch (auto fold and unfold)

·         Hydraulic Load Limiting Device (NO CE)

·         Centralized Greasing System

·         Ergonomic Ground Control Station (one side) Easy to Use & Safe.

·         Load Holding Valves (on all hydraulic cylinders)

·         Unit painted Ferrari Red.

·         Unit Completely Installed Including Hydraulic Oil & Testing

·         Engineers NDT Certification Included


 2020 Peterbilt 348 truck

·            Engine PACCAR MX-9 300HP @2000 Gov@2200 1000@1400

·            Paccar 160 Amp Alternator

·            C-Brake by Jacobs, PX-9

·            Allison 3500 RDS-P 6-Speed Automatic Transmission

·            Power Steering TRW THP60 Dual

·            (1) Radial Seal, Dry Type Air Cleaner, Frontal Air intake

·            RH Single Exhaust Stack to SCR/DPF under cab w/step

·            Bendix Air Brake Package

·            Dana Spicer D2000F 20,000 lb. Capacity Front Axle

·            Taper Leaf Springs, Shocks 16,000 lb.

·            Dana Spicer S23-172 23,000 lb. Capacity Rear Axle

·            Diff Lock Single-Drive Axle w/ Speed Interlock

·            Peterbilt Air Trac Tan-Drive, 23,000 lb. Light Weight

·            5.57 Rear Axle Ratio

·            10 3/4” Steel Rails

·            Michelin X Works Z 315/80R22.5 20 Ply Front Tires

·            Alcoa 22.5” by 9” Aluminum Front Wheels

·            Bridgestone M799 11R24.5 16 Ply Rear Tires

·            Alcoa 24.5” by 8.25” Aluminum Rear Wheels

·            26” Aluminum 60 Gal Fuel Tank LH U/C w/ Step

·            108” BBC Aluminum Cab & Metton Hood

·            10” Extensions for Ultra Day Cab

·            Severe Service Cab Package #1

·            Thermal Insulation Package in Cab

·            Peterbilt Premium UltraRide Driver Seat (Leather, air ride plus heat)

·            Peterbilt UltraRide (Non-Adjustable) Passenger Seat (Vinyl, non-air ride w/ batteries under seat)

·            1-Piece Curved Windshield

·            Stainless Steel Mirrors 7X16 w/ Heat Element

·            Power Door Locks & Power Window Lifts.

·            Combo Fresh Air Heater/Air Conditioner

·            ConcertClass AM/FM, WB, USD, MP3 & Bluetooth Phone. 

·             (2) LED Strobe Lights (Roof Mounted)

·            Interior – Gray/Black

·            Exterior Color White


Custom 14’ long deck 

·         Deck dimensions approx. 14’ long x 8’ wide w/ angled rear corners for trailer clearance.

·         Perimeter of deck to be 3”x 5” angle iron.

·         Top of deck to be 2x6” treated wood planks screwed to cross sills.

·         Front billboard made with steel tubing, perforated steel mesh (LH & RH Side) & polished aluminum insert in the middle mounted front of deck.  Approx. 36” high x 90” wide c/w chain hangers, chain tray, grab handles, tail/signal/clearance & backup lighting along with (2) work lights. 

·         Supply & Install (1) aluminum cabinet on driver’s side, under deck.

·         1 per side cold rolled access ladders on deck.

·         1 side-out style chain hanger to hold 1 set of tire chains (chain not included).

·         1 per side outrigger pad holders complete with a set of composite pads.

·         Mud flaps front and rear of tires with anti-sail brackets.

·         Full length stake pockets & rub rails.

·         Bolt on Binkley 5th wheel w/ trailer plug.

·         Small rear apron (width of frame rails).

·         Air style pintle hitch w/ glad hands, trailer plug, D rings & brake controller.

·         All steel rigging sandblasted, primed, and finish painted black.

·         All clearance lighting to be LED to CMVSS specs.

·         DOT Tape.

We look forward to delivering this unit to you.

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