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Equipment Specifications:
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Massachusetts, USA
Seller Contact:
Empire Crane Co., LLC
Luke Lonergan - Vice President
315-458-4101 (alt)
315-458-3169 (fax)
7021 Performance Drive, Syracuse, NY 13212, USA
Seller Notes:
2019 Mantis GTC800 IN STOCK

• 88-ton Pick-and-carry capacity through 360°.
• Tadano AML-C LMI system
• OPTI-WIDTH- optimal lifting performance at any track width
• Work area limitations with soft stop.
• Self-erecting crane.
• Carbody jacks with radio remote control self-leveling feature.
• Unladen ground pressure of 11.8 psi
• Hydraulic on-the-fly track frame retraction and extension.
• Tadano Hello-Net telematics
• Climb steeper grades, thanks to minimized counterweight and low center of gravity.

Standard Equipment:
Boom System
• 5-section full power telescoping boom with 2 extension modes. System consists of three double acting hydraulic cylinders with load holding valves and extension and retraction cables.
• Retracted length 37’8” (11.5m) Extended length 141’1” (43m)
• Boom Head: Six, 19.5 inch diameter cast nylon sheaves on heavy-duty roller bearings.

Main and Auxiliary Winch
• Planetary geared two-speed winch includes a hydraulic motor, multi disc internal brake, counterbalance valve, Drum rotation indicator is included.
o Main Winch: Single line pull 19,830 lb (First layer). Single line speed 368ft/min (4th layer).
o Auxiliary Winch: Single line pull 19,830 lb (First layer). Single line speed 368ft/min (4th layer).

• Gear motor driving a planetary gear reducer with a shaft mounted pinion, external gear shear ball slew bearing bolted to the superstructure and the carbody allows the superstructure to rotate 360°
o Swing Speed: 0-2 rpm
o Swing parking brake. Spring applied failsafe brake with hydraulic release that is controlled from the operators cab.

o Swing Service brake: Hydraulically applied, controlled through foot actuated pedal.
o House lock system: 4-position (boom over front, rear or either side). Actuated from cab.

Heavy Duty Carbody and Crawlers:
• Two welded steel side frames are paired with track group. The side frames extend and retract hydraulically and are controlled from the cab.
• Track Rollers: two top and thirteen bottom sealed rollers on each track frame idler. Oil filled, self-lubrication with spring type tensioner.
• Track Shoes: 35.4 inches, 3-bar semi grouser.
• Each side frame contains pilot controlled, two-speed track drive with hydraulic axial piston motor and parking brake. Travel system provides skid steering and counter rotation.
o Travel speed 0.6 mph-2.1 mph. Gradeability 78%.

Engine/Hydraulic System:
• Cummins QSB 6.7, 310 hp (231kW) @2200 RPM, Alternator 70 amp.
• 6 cylinder, water cooled, 4-cycle, turbo charged and after cooled.
• U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, Euromot Stage IV.
• Hydraulic pumps: Two high pressure, variable axial piston pumps with load sense and power limiting control for crane functions. One variable axial piston pump for cooling loop.
• Directional valves: Multiple pressure and flow compensated valves with integrated relief valves controlled by electronic signals.
• Pump output: 154 gpm (5821/min)@2200 rpm engine speed. 5,000 psi (345bar) maximum pressure.
• Reservoir holds 227 gallons, spin-on filters/breather, sight gauges, cleanout, and sump drain.

Load Moment Indicator
• Tadano AML-C Rated capacity limiter and Anti-Two Block system.
• OPTI-WIDTH- optimal lifting performance at any track width.
• LCD screen provides a continuous display of working boom length, boom angle, working load radius, tip height, swing position, parts of line, machine track configuration, and relative load moment.
• Anti-two block weight allows quick reeving of hook block.
• Operator configurable working range limits with automatic soft stops.

Operator’s Cab:
• Fully-enclosed, air conditioned all-steel modular cab with lockable swinging door, acoustical lining, anti-slip floor and tinted safety glass.
o Cab tilt 20°
o Rear view, Winch view, and right side view cameras.
o Windshield wipers and top glass wipers
o Defroster, Heater, circulating fan
o Six-way adjustable pilot seat
o Four-way electronic armrest mounted joysticks control swing, boom extend, main winch, auxiliary winch and boom hoist. Electronic foot pedals control the travel and swing service brake functions.
o Control Modes: Fine control or travel modes. Travel function can be operated by foot pedals or joysticks.

Counterweight System:
• Total 65,000lb
• Two Carbody counterweights 10,000lb each
• Six piece counterweight design each weighing 7,500lb.
• Three upper counterweight configurations (45,000lb, 30,000lb, 15,000lb).

Exworks: Syracuse, NY
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