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2017 Terex Superlift 3800

Last Updated: 11 Nov 2016
  • Price:
  • Please call 315-228-0016 or email the seller for current pricing.
  • Year: 2017
  • Capacity: 715.00
  • Boom/Jib: See Specs
  • Location: Oklahoma, United States
  • Hours: Verify
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Serial #: Verify
  • Unit #: Verify
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2017 Demag Superlift 3800





- 3 section comprised of carbody and two crawlers. Hydraulic pin connections between crawlers and carbody provide for easy assembly and removal to minimize width and weight for transportation. Track width 27.6 ft.

- Bending and torsion resistant welded structure of box type construction, fabricated of high strength fine grain structural steel. Automatic centralised lubrication is included as standard. 16 rollers on each side frame with hardened rolling surfaces.

Crawler Drive
- Tracks powered by one hydraulic motor each through closed planetary gear reduction units running in oil bath, equipped with spring-applied hydraulically released holding brakes; the gear units are of very compact design to fit within the width of the crawlers. Each crawler is infinately variable controlled, both independently and in opposite direction. Tractive effort: 314,732 lbf per side.

Assembly Jacks
- Four hydraulic jacking cylinders on carbody (folding within 9.8 ft width) for easy assembly of crawlers.




- 452,000 lb counterweight on superstructure combination with 110,200lb central ballast. Steelbox type. Weight of counterweight blocks: 22,050 lbs.

- Torsion resistant welded structure fabricated of high-strength, fine grain structural steel

Slew Ring
- Triple-row roller bearing slew ring with external ring gear for ease of service and maintanance. Central lubrication system.

- Water cooled 8 cylinder MTU diesel engine type OM 502 LA, 405 kW (550HP ) at 1800 rpm. Max torque 1917 lb-ft at 1300 rpm. The engine complies with EUROMAT 3b, resp. Tier 4i.

Rope Drums
- Standard equipment includes three rope drums- hoist 1, 2, and boom hoist. The drums are powered by hydraulic motors through closed planetary gear units running in oil bath. All winches removeable.

A Frame
Hydraulic raising systems for A-frame as standard. A-frame, boom hoist, and sheave sets for boom hoist can be dismantled as one single transport unit to minimize transport weight. Dismantling of hoist 1 and 2 possible without removing A-frame first

Control System
Terex IC-1: Electronic proportional valve pilot control integrated in stored-program control system incl. diagnostic system, Two monitors with color displays, LMI operated via touch screen. Working speeds infinitely controlled by the lever position. Automatic power control for optimal utilization of engine output; emergency control systems.

- Comfortable cab with large windscreen and air condition. Safety glazing all around, roof window, self contained hot air heater, full instrumentation and crane controls. Air cushioned operator seat, emergency seat, multiple storage areas, 12 V power plug. The cab can be tilted back for improved operator view of boom point. A camera system is installed to monitor drum ropes. Front window can be opened.

Email Seller

Empire Crane Co., LLC

Phone: 315-228-0016
Alt Phone: 315-458-4101
Fax: 315-458-3169

Address: 7021 Performance Drive, Syracuse, NY 13212, USA

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