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Your Price: (was: $130,000)
Equipment Specifications:
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California, USA
Seller Contact:
Coastline Equipment Crane Division
Neil Goodale - Division Manager
562-673-4049 (alt)
95814 95811Bldg. A 325 N. 5th Street Sacramento California United States
Seller Notes:
Standard features:
Boom: full power boom with integral holding valve on telescope cylinder.
Boom Extension: Stows on side of base boom when not in use.
Boom Elevation: Single double acting hydraulic cylinder, (0 degree to 69 degree) with integral holding valve and mechanical angle indicator.
Anti two block system: Low profile style with audio warning with auto control lever lockout system and wireless load indicating system.
Operators station: chassis mounted cab shell with roof safety glass durable vinyl all weather seat, dash mounted control levers, gauges and lights for engine functions, steering wheel, electric horn, fire extinguisher, sight level bubble and seat belt.
Swing: 360 degree continuous rotation, worm and gear drive on ball bearing swing circle.
Counterweight: One piece cast type bolted to the turntable.
Hydraulic system: 3 gear pump system, 40 gal steel reservoir with external sight level indicator.
Hoist: planetary drive main hoist. Equal speed power up and down with automatic multi disc brake.
Wire rope: ½ in 6x19 class EIPS IWRC.
Hook block: 20 ton two sheave, “quick reeve” style hook block
Outriggers: Hydraulic oblique style at all four corners with integral check valves and integral steel outrigger pads. Synchronized controlled extension of outriggers (right side/left side), independent control of all four, and outrigger motion alarm.
Engine: choice includes; hour meter, 120V engine block heater, and air filter service indicator. Engine shut down feature. (TIER 4 INTERIM)
Axles: Front: drive/steer type with limited slip differential. Rear: wide track steer/non drive (4/2 drive). Rear axle oscillates 1.5 degree’ 2 wheel and 4 wheel coordinated and crab steering.
Transmission: synchromesh transmission
Brakes: 4 wheel full hydraulic, internal multi wet disc service brake system with mechanically applied disc type parking brake on transmission.
Tires: 385-65 R22 high traction tread radial type tires.
Lights: Full lighting package includes front and rear chassis mounted work light, rear tail lights, turn indicators, brake and hazard.
Miscellaneous standard Equipment: non skid deck surface, lifting and tie down lugs, backup alarm, hook block tie down.

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