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Houston, Texas, USA
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CraneWorks, Inc.
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713-491-9359 (fax)
7795 Little York Rd, Houston, TX 77016, USA
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The National 8100D is part of the National 800D Series. It has a 100 foot four-section boom plus the following features:
- Boom tip: The speedy-reeve boom tip and sheave blocks simplify rigging changes. Load line wedge socket removal is not required for reeving of multi-part line options.
- Four-section boom: At 30,48 m (100 ft) the 800D boom is the longest in its size range. The longer boom allows the operator to perform more lifts without the use of a jib, reducing setup time and improving efficiency.
- Overload protection: All National Crane boom trucks are equipped with overload protection. A Rated Capacity Limiter (RCL) is required on all machines equipped with jibs or personnel baskets.
- Color graphical RCL system: Easy to setup and operate color graphical RCL system with enhanced usability and jog dial menu selection. It also includes enhanced troubleshooting features for ease in serviceability, work area definition system and on-board outrigger monitor system.
Jobsite benefits
- The stronger standard torsion box improves rigidity, reduces truck frame flex and reduces the need for counterweight.
- Painting crane components before assembly reduces the possibility of rust, improves serviceability and enhances the appearance of the machine.
- State of the art control valve provides smoother operation. This design eliminates parts, reducing repair costs and improving the machines serviceability.
- Sheave bearings on the boom and retract cables can be greased through access holes in the boom side plates and the number of internal boom parts has been reduced to improve serviceability.
- Burst of Speed winch provides faster winch payout and pickup of unloaded cable.
- Adjustable swing speed is standard on the 800D. A control knob located on the swing motor brake release valve can be easily adjusted to the crane operator’s swing speed preference.
- Internal anti-two block wire comes standard. It routes the wire through the inside of the boom eliminating the possibility of snagging the wire on obstructions.

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