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Houston, Texas, USA
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CraneWorks, Inc.
Sales Dept.
713-491-9359 (fax)
7795 Little York Road, Houston, TX 77016, USA
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Available Now. 50 Ton (45,4 mton) Capacity 4-Section 96' (29,3 m) Proportional Boom 2-Section 32' (9,8 m) To 49' (14,9 m) Telescopic Offset Jib (15°, 30°) Option; equipped with Jib Jack 153.3 (46,7 m) Maximum tip Height with Telescope Jib 105.2 ft. (32,1 m) Maximum Main Boom Tip Height Self-Lubricating Boom Slider Pads Two Speed Planetary Grooved Drum Hoist With Negative Draft Flange and Rope Tensioner Auxiliary Hoist Option Hoist Drum Rotation Indicator Third Wrap Limiter under the Hoist Drum Rotation Indictor Deluxe Cab with heater, air conditioning, heated cloth seat, 8 seat adjustments, top hinged hatch, rear pop out window, with guard. Front and top windshield wipers, 12 Volt DC outlet, USB ports and engine monitoring system. PLC crane controller, CANBUS communication, J1939 truck engine communication, electric hand and foot throttle, twin dual axis joysticks, electric/hydraulic valve actuation, electronic sensor monitoring. Free Swing-No-Free Swing Gear Switch Continuous Rotation 360º Work Area ROCSolid Outriggers feature Radio Remote Outrigger Controls, Audible Outrigger Motion Alarm Retracted, Intermediate And Fully Extended Outrigger Load Charts Load Chart On Tires Over The Rear Wired LMI with crane function cut-offs for overload protection, graphical display, event recorder, WADS – Work Area Definition System Wired Anti-Two Block System Rugged, Weatherproof, Automotive Style Electrical System Hydraulic Oil Cooler Clamp-On Mounting Design Meets ANSI B30.5 Recommendations Manitex UPTime Comprehensive Support

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