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2020 Manitex 50155SHL

4 or 5 Section Telescopic Boom
7 Ton (6,4 mt) Hook and Ball (201/250 LBS 60',90',110') (300/325 LBS 128' & 155')
2-speed Hoist w/ Grooved Drum, Roller Tensioner, Piston Motor
400' (122m) 5/8" (16mm) Dia. Rotation Resistant Wire Rope for 5060S, 5096S & 50110S
4-Load Sheave Quick Reeve Boom Head
500' (152m), 5/8" (16mm) Dia. Rotation Resistant Wire Rope for 50128S, 50155S
Externally Wired Anti-Two Block w/ Lockout
Audible Outrigger Motion Alarm
Boom Hoist Cylinder
115 Gal (435 L) or 155 Gal (586 L) Hyd Reservoir w/Suction Strainer & Ball Valve
System Pressure Gauge
Turret, Rotation Bearing & Swing System -Mechanical Houselock
360° Area of Operation
New Load Moment Indicator - Full Visual/Audio Capacity Alert w/Shutoff
Continuous Rotation
ROC Solid outriggers; 4 Out-And-down outriggers, 22' (6.71m) over-all spread. Intermediate 13'4" (4.05m) and Retracted 7'2" (2.18m) Spreads.
Tilting Cab Features a Hand Held Radio Operated Controller
Heater/Air Conditioner
Upper Hatch Guard/Windshield Cover
Remote Winch Controls included with Hand Held Radio Controller for the outriggers
Engine Monitoring System
Outrigger Monitoring System -Verification Only
Removable Boom Rest
Front Bumper Stabilizer - for Short lower frame configurations only
Engine Start/Stop
2 Retractable Ladders / 1-Aluminum Easy Access Maintenance Ladder
Combined Free Swing and Non-Free Swing Functionality
Diamond Plated Aluminum Decking
Hydraulic Rotation Drum Indicator
Oil Cooler, Bubble Level, Signal Horn
Thumb Operated Electronic Throttle Third Wrap Limit for Main Winch and Auxiliary Winch
1-Variable Displacement Pump/1-Gear Pump-CCW Rotation-Std
Electric over Hydraulic Controls
Boom Length and Angle Indicators
Operator's Service/Parts Manuals
Radio Remote Ready
102" Wide Platform Standard

Optional Equipment Included:
155’ Five Section Telescopic Boom with Heavy Lift Option
Hischman LMI System - Standard
4720 Lb Cwt Special for SHL
Offset Fixed Jib 50155 Boom only
Standard Mount Installation
Dinamic Auxiliary Winch (no wire rope)
Wire rope for optional Auxiliary Winch FOR 50128S & 50155S – 500’
15 Ton 1-Sheave Hook Block
Hot Shift PTO (Required with Automatic Transmission)
Radio Remotes – Paddles – Free Swing is disabled automatically when the remotes are engaged
A92.2 Aerial Lift Manbasket Dual Rating Ready ONLY
2 Person (1200 lb Cap) LW Steel, Rotating, Quick – Attach Basket
Outrigger Pads 36”X36”X1.5” each
Outrigger Pad Rack each rack holds 4 outrigger pads

Mounted on:
2020 Peterbilt Model 567
MX13 485HP Engine
Ultrashift 10 Speed Transmission
Tridem-Tag Axles

13,514 Miles
3,690 Hours
Located in TX

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  • Year: 2020
  • Capacity: 50.00
  • Condition: Good
  • Location: Georgetown Texas USA

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Email Seller

Luke Lonergan, 1-800-342-7575

Empire Crane Co., LLC Make Offer Get Financing


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