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Very Good
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Houston, Texas, USA
Seller Contact:
CraneWorks, Inc.
Sales Dept.
713-491-9359 (fax)
7795 Little York Rd, Houston, TX 77016, USA
Seller Notes:


35 Ton (31,8 mton) Capacity

5-Section 124' (37,8 m) Proportional Boom

165' 11" (50,6 m) Maximum Tip Height

22', 1.25" (6,7 m) Out-and-Down Outriggers at Full Extension

Intermediate and Fully Extended Outrigger Charts

2-Speed Planetary Hoist with Grooved Drum and Negative Draft Flange

Load Moment Indicator with Digital Display, CAN Bus, Overload Shutdown and Internal Boom Length Cable

Radio ATB

Rugged, Weatherproof Electrical System with Circuit Status LEDs

Removable Boom Rest

System Pressure Gauge

Clamp-On Mounting

Aeroquip STC (Snap to Connect) Hydraulic Fitting

Manitex UPTime Comprehensive Support



Inverted T-cross section, 3, 4, or 5-section telescoping type, extended and retracted proportionally by a double-acting hydraulic cylinder and cable-crowd system. 

35124C – 5-section 31' 5/8" (9,5 m) to 123' 8 5/8" (37,7 m). 1-section, 31' (9,5 m) jib. 

Quick Reeve Boom Point – Three high-density nylon load sheaves mounted on heavy-duty roller bearings. Two removable pin-type rope guards. 

Boom Elevation – Double-acting hydraulic cylinder. Working range from 10Þ below horizontal to 80Þ above. 

Load Hook – 5-ton (4,5 mton) capacity hook with heavy-duty swivel and weight is provided for single-line operation.


Maximum theoretical line speed 453 fpm (138 mpm). Maximum theoretical bottom-layer line pull 14,500 lb (6 577 kg). Two-speed planetary reducer. Wet multi-disc internal brake is spring-applied, pressure-released.

Wire Rope – 380' (115,8 m) of 5/8" (16 mm) rotation resistant type.


Externally mounted, double-reduction planetary driven by hydraulic motor. Maximum theoretical swing speed 1.5 rpm. Wet multi-disk internal brake is spring-applied, pressure-released. Oversized diameter ball-bearing swing circle with external gear. 372Þ non-continuous rotation.


Out-and-down style outriggers, operated independently for precise leveling. 22' 1 1/4" (6,8 m) spread at full extension and 13' 4" (4,1 m) spread at intermediate extension. 16" (406 mm) diameter floats. Bubble level located near outrigger controls.


8' (2,4 m) retracted; 18' 6" (5,6 m) extended. Operated independently for precise leveling. Double-acting hydraulic cylinders. Fixed pad size is 12" (305 mm) diameter.


Pedestal and subframe are mounted to chassis by threaded rods and clamp plates. No welding, drilling, or bolting to truck frame is required. 

Subframe – Torsionally resistant, rigid 4-plate design. Mounted under crane full length of truck frame.

Rear Underride Protection – Supplied on factory-mounted cranes. Fabricated structure mounted under rear of bed. Complies with Bureau Motor Carrier Safety Standard 393.86.

Boom Rest – Heavy-duty fabrication. Easily removed to simplify loading and unloading truck deck.


Dual operator platforms are equipped with four single-lever crane controls arranged to ANSI B30.5 standards. Fully proportional control valves and system pressure gauge. Each station also includes outrigger and stabilizer controls, engine start/stop, foot throttle, signal horn, boom-angle indicator, bubble levels, beverage container, load chart and range diagram.


Hydraulic System – A 3-section vane pump direct-mounted to power take-off on truck transmission provides 38 gpm (145 lpm) to the hoist, 27 gpm (102 lpm) to the boom hoist and telescope circuit, and 11 gpm (45 lpm) to the swing and outrigger circuit. 100-gallon (379-liter) baffled reservoir includes suction ball valve with strainer two 25-micron filters in the return line. Use of SAE O-ring and face seal O-ring hydraulic fittings throughout system. Aeroquip STC (Snap- to-Connect) on all hoses up to 1" virtually eliminates leaks.

Hydraulic Cylinders – All load-holding cylinders are equipped with integral holding valves.


Load Moment Indicator – CAN bus system maximizes expansion capabilities. Senses boom hoist cylinder pressure, boom length and boom angle. Audio-visual warning indicated overload conditions and overload shutoff feature prevents continuing overload. Operator can access all relative crane configuration and load conditions via display at the operator station. Internal boom length cable.

Radio Anti-Two-Block System – Audible warning and shutoff functions prevent hook from contacting boom point. Switch is potted to ensure reliability.

Back-Up Alarm – Supplied on factory-mounted cranes, electronic audible motion alarm activated when truck transmission is in reverse gear.


Electrical – State-of-the-art, weather-resistant components throughout. Hermetically sealed power in relays. Enclosure includes power in relays and circuit status LEDs. Designed to withstand high pressure washing and varying climates.

Design/Welding –Design conforms to ANSI B30.5. Welding conforms to AWS D1.1. Tested to SAE 1063 and SAE 765.


Ref no: BM-2172, PO3863, 35-012

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