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Manitex 30102C mounted to 2007 Sterling LT7501 chassis

Last Updated: 12 Jul 2017
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  • Year: 2007
  • Capacity: 30.00
  • Boom/Jib: Confirm Length
  • Location: Texas, United States
  • Hours: Verify
  • Condition: Good
  • Serial #: Verify
  • Unit #: 30-016

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2-speed Hoist w/ Grooved Drum 

3-Load Sheave Quick Reeve Boom Head

335' (102.11m) 9/16" (14.3mm) Rotation Resistant Wire Rope

Dual Operator Control Stations

Radio Anti-Two Block w/ Lockout

Boom Hoist Cylinder

3-Section Hydraulic Pump

System Pressure Gauge

372° Non Continuous Rotation

Removable Boom Rest

Engine Start/Stop

Operator's Service/Parts Manuals

Boom Length and Angle Indicators

Mechanical Throttle

Foot Throttle

Signal Horn

Bubble Level

Beverage Cup Holders 

4 Section Telescopic Boom

Subframe for 22' (6.71 m) Bed

70 Gallon (265 liter) Reservoir     w/Suction Strainer & Ball Valve

Pedestal, Turret, Rotation   Bearing & Swing System

Load Moment   Indicator w/Internal length Cable-   Audio/visual Capacity Alert w/ Shutoff

Hermetically sealed Printed Circuit Board Electrical System  w/LED Circuit Status Indicators

Audible Outrigger/Stabilizer Motion Alarm

A-frame Link Type Front Outriggers (22' 4" Spread Width)

Out and Down Rear Stabilizers (13 '7" Spread)


Basic Machine  w/102’ Four-Section Telescopic Boom

21' flatbed body with diamondette steel floor

Standard Mount Installation LMI

35 Ton, 3 Sheave Hook Block for 2 – 4 Part Line

5 Ton overhaul ball

2 Piece – 26’ to 46’ jib

Front Center Stabilizer (Requires Additional Mounting Charge)

Mounting--Front Center Stabilizer

Control valve for operation of single stabilizer, Required w/FBS


Sterling LT7500 Single Steer Tandem Rear Chassis

Cat C-7 300HP, 860 LB./FT. Torque,  Diesel Engine

Cruise Control

Eaton RT 8608L Transmission, 9 Speed

Meritor MFS-20-133A, 20K Front Axle

Meritor RT-40-145, 40K Tandem Rear Axle

Hendrickson RT 403,   40,000 Spring, Rear Suspension

4.11 Rear Axle Ratio

Wheel Diff Locks

Front Tires:  425/650R 22.5 Tires on Steel Disc Wheels

Rear Tires:  11.R 22.5 Tires (Qty 8) on Steel Disc Wheels

Dual  60 US Gallon Aluminum Fuel Tanks

Heat/Defrost/Air Conditioning

Air Suspension Drivers Seat

Fixed passenger seat


Email Seller
Phone: 1-866-458-5915
Fax: 713-491-9359

Address: 7795 Little York Road, Houston, TX 77016, USA

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