2021 TADANO ATF 400G-6 Crane for Sale or Rent in Sacramento California on CraneNetwork.com
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Sacramento, California, USA
Seller Contact:
Coastline Equipment Crane Division
Neil Goodale - Division Manager
562-673-4049 (alt)
95814 95811Bldg. A 325 N. 5th Street Sacramento California United States
Seller Notes:
450 TON.
Standard features:
6 axle carrier complete with front towing hook and tie down lugs, central lubricating system, 4 point hydraulic double telescopic outriggers, spread 28 ft/ 26 ft./ 22.3 ft./18 ft./ 8.86 ft. with automatic levelling, Mercedes-Benz 6 cylinder diesel engine model OM 473 LA, certified for EUROMOT IV and EPA Tier4f, rated at 625 HP at 1,700 rpm, stainless steel exhaust, ZF-TC-Tronic Type 12 TC3041 SO transmission with electro-pneumatically operated dry-type clutch and 12 forward gears and 2 reverse gears, transfer case, lockable longitudinal differentials and 2 emergency steering pumps, 12x8x12 drive/steer, hydro-pneumatic suspension with levelling adjustment, dual circuit disc brake system with integrated intarder, constant throttle engine brake and engine exhaust brake, 16.00 R25 tires (12), carrier width 9.84 feet, ZF-Servocom dual circuit hydraulic steering system, automatic rear axle steer, all wheel steer, crab steer, spacious panoramic two man cab with complete controls and instrumentation for road travel, radio/CD with DAB/DAB Plus tuner and Bluetooth, 24V and 12V socket, multi-functional display additional warning and operational functions as well as display information’s of front and rear area, engine dependent hot water heater, “Tempomat” cruise control system and “Bremsomat”, one-key system for carrier and superstructure cab, engine start and diesel tanks, with wireless remote control and central locking system for cab doors, Air conditioning, 24 volt DC electrical system with CAN-bus system, complete lighting including Bi-Halogen main head lamps LED day time running lights, LED fog lights, side lights, rear fog lamp, reversing lights, 4 working lights for outrigger extension area switchable from carrier cab, 2 rotating beacons, reversing alarm, Standard accessories include: set of standard tools, 2 reflective vest, fire extinguisher, hazard warning triangle and light, first aid kit and 2 sets of operating instructions and spare parts manuals.
Additional Options Carrier:
Towing hook rear with air and electrical lines, Additional independent heater with engine pre-heat, Tire pressure monitoring system, ABS, Toolbox in aluminum at rear, additional reversing lights rear with on/off switch, reversing lights on the side mirror, Cable for battery re-charge and remote start connections 10m, Emergency (engine) stop

Crane Superstructure:
Torsion resistant frame, all welded structure of high strength steel with single row ball-bearing slewing central lubricating system, Mercedes Benz 6 cylinder diesel engine model OM 936 LA, certified for EUROMOT IV and EPA Tier4f, rated at 279 HP at 1,900 rpm, stainless steel exhaust system, three circuit diesel-hydraulic system with 1 double and 1 single axial piston pump and one gear pump, 2 joy stick levers for simultaneous operation of crane motions, 5 section telescopic boom 49 ft. – 197 ft., hydraulic, extendable under partial load, Derricking system with 1 double acting hydraulic cylinder with integral holding and braking valve, lift adjuster system, main winch with cable lower limit switch, drum turn indicator, ‘Super-Stop’ easy reeving system, winch camera, slewing system with three stage planetary gear, foot pedal or automatic service brake and parking brake, Counterweight 136 ton divisible (controls in superstructure cab), Controlled by Cable connected remote control, spacious panoramic cab with safety (tinted) glass,, air conditioning, sun visor, engine dependent heater, additional independent heater with engine pre heat (Thermo 90), seat heater, radio/CD with DAB/DAB Plus tuner and Bluetooth, tiltable employment, fan, 24 volt DC electrical system including 2 working lights integrated into front of superstructure cab, 1 working light on boom base section, 2 rotating beacon, 2 side lights on boom head, anemometer on the main boom pulley head, camera for winch including lighting, switch for adjustment of carrier engine speed, 180° positive slew lock, Asymmectrical outrigger length indicator with electronic load moment device (LMD) – applies to all delivered LMD versions, Standard LMD programs for 0 ton/ 7.5 ton/ 16.5 ton/ 25 ton/ 36 ton /45 ton/ 56 ton counterweights, with automatic shut off at overload, overload pre-warning and load moment meter as well as working area limitation with slewing area with shut off, additional oil cooler, anemometer.

Additional Options Superstructure:
Luffing jib max. 8 ft - 249 including luffing base unit and LMD standard programming, rigging winch, assembly dolly, includes 6’ 10” adapter for 6’10” – 155’10” fixed jib and 78’9” light fixed jib (0°), Heavy duty point 11’6” (for short jib 6’6” – 11’6”), Power system PS, Extended boom point sheave, Swing and elevation free for dolly, Boom dolly bracker (Dolly center positions from boom pin center, 37’), Outrigger load display at upper cab and control box, Swivel hook 12.5 ton, Hook block Type 40, 1-sheave, single hook , center suspended, Hook block Type 100 3-sheave, double hook, center suspended, Auxiliary winch (incl. observation camera), 2 working lights on boom base section, adjustable XENON, Aircraft warning light, Emergency (engine) stop, Hour meter for winch, Boom disassembly equipment, Boom lifting device for boom disassembly equipment, Boom lifting device for boom disassembly incl. chain (Disassembly with 1 crane)

Other Additional Options:
Tires 20.5 R25 (10), Spare rim and tire 20.5 R25, Painting Standard (Grey & White), Painting counterweights 138 ton, Uninstalled Tachograph, Additional manual 1 set O/M, P/C (std. 1 set), USB manual 1 set O/M, P/C (std. 1 set), Compliance to USA regulations.

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