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Texas, USA

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Big B Crane

Fernando Gonzalez

P: (817) 845-2092


Address: 645 E Renfro St, Burleson, TX 76028, United States

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One (1) new 2016 Tadano ATF130G-5, serial number 2146161, a 160 Ton capacity All Terrain crane including all standard equipment as outlined below:




• Faun 5 axle carrier frame complete with front towing hook and tie-down lugs, central lubricating system,

storage for 10t swivel hook

• 4-point hydraulic double telescopic outriggers, spread 7.50m, with automatic leveling

• Mercedes Benz 8 Cylinder diesel engine mode OM 502 LA, certified for EUROMOT III B, rated at 405kW (551

HP)at 1.800 min-1, stainless steel exhaust

• ZF-AS-Tronic 12 AS 2302 transmission with 12 forward gears and 2 reverse gears

• Transfer case, two stage

• 10x6x10 drive / steer

• Hydro-pneumatic suspension with leveling adjustment

• Dual circuit disc-brake system with integrated intarder, constant throttle engine brake and engine exhaust


• 16.00 R25 Tires (10) carrier width 2.75m

• ZF-Servocom dual circuit hydraulic steering system, automatic rear axle steer, all wheel steer, crab steer.

• Spacious, panoramic two-man cab with complete controls and instrumentation for road travel with radio/CD,

engine dependent hot water heater, seat heater, Tempomat cruise control and Bremsomat one-key system for

carrier and superstructure cab, engine start and diesel tanks

• 24 Volt DC electrical system with CAN-Bus system, complete lighting including 2 fog lights, 4 working

lights for outrigger extension area switchable from carrier cab, 2 rotating beacons, reversing alarm

• Standard accessories include: set of standard tools, fire extinguisher, hazard warning triangle and light,

first aid kit and 2 (two) sets of operating instructions and spare parts manuals

• Standard Painting: One Color

• Standard European road approvals




• Torsion resistant frame, all-welded structure of high strength steel with single-row ball-bearing slewing

ring, central lubricating system, storage behind superstructure cab

• Mercedes-Benz 4 Cylinder diesel engine model OM 924 LA, certified for EUROMOIT III B, rated at 127 kW

(173 HP) at 2.000 min-1, stainless steel exhaust system.

• Three circuit diesel-hydraulic system with 1 double and 1 single axial piston pump and 2 gear pumps, 2

joy-stick controls for simultaneous operation of crane motions

• 5 Section telescopic boom 12.8m – 60.0m, hydraulic, extendable under partial load

• Derricking system with 1 double acting hydraulic cylinder with integral holding and braking valve, lift


• Main winch with cable, lower limit switch, drum turn indicator, “Super-Stop” easy reeving system

• Slewing system with three stage planetary gear, foot pedal or automatic brake and parking brake

• Counterweight 42.3 Ton divisible (controls in superstructure cab)

• Spacious, panoramic cab with unique Faun tilting inner cockpit, air conditioning, radio C/D, safety

(tinted) glass, sun visor, engine dependent heater, additional independent heater with engine pre-heat

(Thermo 90), seat heater, complete controls and instrumentation for crane operation and outriggers

• 24 volt DC electrical system incl. 2 working lights integrated into front of superstructure cab, 1 rotating

beacon, 2 side lights on boom head, switch for adjustment of carrier engine speed, electric load moment

device (LMD) with shut-off working area limitation with slewing area limitation with shut-off.

Standard LMD-programmes: 3.9t rigging counterweight and 6.3t, 9.4t, 31.7t, 42.3t counterweights,


• Standard painting: one color, boom sections black

• Standard European safety approvals

Optional Equipment- CARRIER:

• Towing hook- rear

• Additional independent heater with engine pre-heat (Thermo 90ST) minimum requirement for USA and Canada

• Air conditioning (in carrier cab)

• Drive/Steer 10 x 8 x 10 (1st axle also driven)


• Toolbox in aluminum at rear with box for support planks

• Additional reversing lights rear with on/off switch

• Reversing lights on the side mirror

• Reversing video camera

• Battery re-charge and remote start connections

• Cable for battery re-charge and remote start connections 10m

• Emergency (engine) stop switch

• Control of outrigger extension

• Hydraulic oil XTREMTEMP 46 (standard)

Optional Equipment- SUPERSTRUCTURE:

• Boom extension 3.8m - 10m - 18m, hydraulic, incl. LMD-programme

• Two additional 7m insert sections (boom extension length 32m) incl. LMD programme

• Extended boom point sheave

• Swing and elevation free for dolly

• Boom dolly bracket

• Anti-fall protection on boom

• LMD programme for 12.8t counterweight

• LMD programme for 21.7t counterweight

• Outrigger load display at upper cab and control box

• 180° positive slew lock (one position lock)

• 360° positive slew lock

• Swivel hook 10t

• Hook block type 63t, 3-sheave, double hook (base width 80mm)

• Hook block type 125t, 7-sheave, double hook

• Auxiliary winch

• Compensation counterweight for auxiliary winch

• Fan

• Rotating beacon 1 piece additional

• Aircraft warning light

• Observation mirror for hoist winch

• Observation mirror for second winch

• AML external warning light

• Hour meter for winch

• Battery re-charge and remote start connections

• Emergency (engine) stop

• Additional oil cooler

Optional Equipment- TIRES:

• Tires 20.5 R25

• Spare rim painted 16.00 R25, 20.5 R25

Optional Equipment- PAINTING:

• Special painting: 2 colors

SPECIAL Optional Equipment:

• CD manual 1 set O/M, P/C (std. 1 set)

• Air and electrical lines for rear bumper for dolly

• Compliance to USA regulation (not with Canada regulation)

• Uninstalled tachograph (tacho dummy)

• CMVSS seat belt preparation

• OSHA compliance hook block

Last Updated: 23 Mar 2017

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