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Houston, Texas, Verenigde Staten
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Van Schaften Leasing B.V.
Martijn Tuijtel
0031 (0)10 238 07 00
0031 (0) 6 1257 3276 (alt)
Ringersstraat, 3125 BP Schiedam, Netherlands
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New LTM1750-9.1 available feb-2022 for RPO or Bare rental. US spec with 20.5 tires, boom quick connect and imperial software.

Featuring new 800t-Software with increased capacities on T / TY / TYN.

Scope of supply:

Basic machine

Y-type guyed telescopic boom

Excenter with extension of the telescopic boom 5 m (VE) to increase the lifting capacities at the lattice type jibs

Luffing lattice jib (N) 91 m

Attachment parts for fixed mounting of the luffing lattice jib

Runner (H) 56 t, 2 sheaves, for all operation modes

Winch 3 (adjusting winch for control of the luffing lattice jib)

Second hoist limit switch

Hookblock 145 t, 5 sheaves, double hook with different weight variations 2 t / 2.8 t / 3.5 t

Hookblock 95 t, 3 sheaves, double hook with different weight variations 2 t / 2.6 t / 3.2 t / 3.8 t

Hookblock 42 t, 1 sheave, single hook with different weight variations 1 t / 2 t

Crane hook 14 t, weight 0.7 t

Engine shut down valve inclusive overspeed protection for both engines (only in combination with item 5013)

Emergency shutdown button in driver's cabin and crane cabin

Tyres 525/80 R 25 (20.5 R 25), Michelin

Additional support at the vehicle rear end, for selfassembly of the rear outriggers

8 counterweight slabs each with 5 t instead of 4 slabs with 10 t to get a better weight distribution for the transport

Removable telescopic boom with luffing cylinder disassembly

Supports for transportation of telescopic boom, contour pivot section

Hydr. Offset of the fly jib NZF 0°-38°

Extension of telescopic boom 10m (V2)

Extension of telescopic boom 2x5m (2x V3


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