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Last Updated: 16 May 2017
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  • Year: 2013
  • Capacity: 400.00
  • Boom/Jib: 230/256
  • Location: Alberta, Canada
  • Hours: 1969/1094
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Serial #: Verify
  • Unit #: Verify


LIEBHERR LTM 1350-6.1 2013



28,244 Klms                                                   


LIEBHERR 6 axle carrier with hydro-pneumatic NIVEAUMATIC-SUSPENSION with level adjustment. LIEBHERR
diesel engine with 450 kW  {612. HP), exhaust emission acc. to 97/68/EC and EPA/CARB, spark arrestor. ZF TC-Tronic transmission wlth torque converter and retarder. Transfer gearbox. Drive 12 x 6. Tyres 385/95 R 25 (1. 4 .00 R 25). ZF-steering system -2 circuits with active rear-axle steering, all-wheel steering, crab walk. Compressed air servo brake system-2 circuits with disc brakes. Axles and suspension cylinders demanding low maintenance, drive shafts maintenance  free.  Spacious, dip-primed carrier cabin with engine-independent heating incl. timer and CD-radio. Hydraulic outriggers with rigidly mounted outrigger pads. Mobile operating and lndicating unit (BTI -Bluetooth Terminal} for comfortable support incl. electronic inclinometer, supporting pressure indication and automatic levelling. illuminatron of supporting area. Acoustic reverse drive alarm. Manoeuvring coupling at front and rear. Acceptance tests of carrier.




LIEBHERR roller-bearing slewing ring connecting carrier and superstructure.  Central greasing.
LIEBHERR diesel engine with 180 kW {245 HP), exhaust emission acc. to 97/68/EC and EPA/CARB,
spark arrestor. Hydraulic system with 5 axial-piston swivel pumps and double gear pump. Electronic
capacity control for  hoisting  and slewing ·gear  with closed oil circuits,  luffing and
telescoping gear with open oil circuits. Reeving-winch. Oil cooler. Electro-hydraulic control of
crane. Telescopic boom consisting of the pivot section and 5 telescope sections,. boom length
14.9 m -  70 m, TELEMATIK_  Non-corroding crane  cabin  with engine-independent heating incl..
timer and CD-radio, tiltable hydraulically backwards 20 degrees. Control of the outriggers from- crane
cabin. Counterw,eight  100 t.  Safety  devices  including LICCON2 overload safety  indicator (incl.
standard program) with electronic inclinometer, electronic supporting pressure indication. TEST
SYSTEM for servicing. LICCON-Lift Planner. Wind gauge. Flight warning light.  Standard acceptance 
tests  of crane.



 Carrier, rims

 Cabins, superstructure, telescopic boom & counterweight


 Lattice-type luffing jib 78m (256 FT)

 Attatchment parts for fixed jib mounting of the luffing jib

 Winch 2 (auxilliary winch or winch for control of the luffing jib)

 Additional counterweight 40 t (for total 140 t)

 Y-type guyed telescopic boom

 Excenter with extension of the telescopic boom 3.5 m (VE) to increase the lifting capacities at the lattice-type jibs.

 Hookblock 156 t, 7 sheaves, double hook

 Hookblock 80 t, 3 sheave, double hook (needed for the lattice-type luffing jib 12 m)

 Hookblock 36,2 t, 1 sheave, single hook

 Crane hook 12,2 t

 Rooster sheave, foldable to the side

 Runner 48 t (H), 2 sheaves

 Second boom head top sheave

 Addittional pulley block for loads up to 215 t

 Tires 525/80 R 25 (20.5 R 25) – Michelin

 Drive 12x8

 Eddy-current brake type TELMA

 Trailer coupling D-factor 26, incl. draw eyelets for 17 t

 Supporting base detection

 Air condition for carrier cabin

 Camera system for reverse drive with colour monitor

 Low temperature hydraulic oil

 Engine shut down valve incl. overspeed protection for both engines.

 Emergency shutdown button – carrier cabin & crane cabin

 12 V-socket for carrier cabin

 Fan heater for carrier cabin including 230 V connection

 Calix engine-preheating for carrier, including 230 V / 110 V connection

 External starting connection for carrier and superstructure incl. cable

 Draw eyelets rear

 Detatchable outrigger beams

 Additional support at the vehicle rear end

 Air condition for crane cabin

 Working area limitation

 Anti-twist device

 Remote diagnosis with GSM-module

 Second hoist limit switch at telescopic boom head

 Two working floodlights at pivot section electrically adjustable (Xenon)

 Flight warning, flashlight

 12 V-socket for crane cabin

 Fan heater for crane cabin including 230 V connection

 Emergency operation of crane hydraulic

 Hydraulic transformer for emergency operation

 Calix-engine preheating for superstructure including 230 V / 110 V connection

 Preparation for Dolly

 LICCON Data Logger with evaluation software – Liftanalyser

 LICCON – Lift Planner

 Three-dimensional (3D) crane data for CAD-applications on compact disc (CD)

Removeable outrigger box

Cold Weather Package




Email Seller

Alberta Crane Service Ltd.

Phone: 780-803-2302

Address: Edmonton, AB, Canada

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