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Houston, Texas, USA
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CraneWorks, Inc.
Sales Dept.
713-491-9359 (fax)
7795 Little York Rd, Houston, TX 77016, USA
Seller Notes:
Outstanding reach: With 78 m main boom length the AC 220-5 benefits of longest main boom length of any 5-axle crane
IC-1 Plus: Real time calculation of lifting capacities allows working in a higher capacity range with less counterweight; this increases versatility and reduces transport costs
Reduced operational costs: Single engine concept, start-stop function and an intelligent motor management system reduces operational cost and maintenance
Jobsite accessibility: Most compact crane in its capacity class with a total length of 14.5 m and a carrier width of 3 m
Clean axle loads: The crane stays under the 12 t axle load limit, still being able to carry 600 kg of payload

Capacity class: 220 t, 245 US-tons
Main boom length: 78 m, 255.9 ft
Maximum system length: 99 m, 324.8 ft
Maximum counterweight: 70,2 t, 77.4 US-tons
Overall length: 14,52 m, 47.6 ft
Carrier length: 13,26 m, 43.5 ft
Turning radius over cabin / all axle steered: 11,99 / 11,37 m, 39.3 / 37.3 ft
Carrier engine: 368 kW, 500 hp
Maximum travel speed: 85 km/h, 53 mph
Drive chain (optional): 10 x 6 x 10 (10 x 8 x 10)
Tires: 14.00 (16.00 / 20.5)
Maximum gradeability: 64%

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